Brand New From Author DL White: Dinner at Sam’s: A Ruby’s Novel

Wooo…this is one of them I Married A Fuckboy novels. Yeah, it starts out rough and rocky in the beginning, but when the right man comes along, he will make your struggles feel as inconvenient as breaking a nail.

Vanessa Jackson married a fuckboy named Warren, who’s left her and her two daughters broke and broken.She’s making lemonade with those lemons, but Warren won’t give up the sugar.

Along comes Gibson– with the sugar. Gibson is just the person and the man Vanessa needs to move on with her life, but Chef Fuckboyardee is playing games, not to mention Vanessa is keeping a secret of her own. DRA-MAAAA…

Dinner at Sam’s is out now and also available on Kindle Unlimited. Add to your TBR, or better yet, click it up today!


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