Flashback Friday: Juicy by Pepper Pace

Chile…When I tell you that this book is all that…

Juicy by Pepper Pace is probably one of the most unconventional romances that I’ve ever read at that time because romance is supposed to be sweet and tender with a resolvable conflict. Juicy is anything but, but there are those moments.

What I personally love about this story is the main characters. Juicy is not your average heroine. She’s fat. She’s dark-skinned. And she’s not your typical standard romance beauty. Juicy is bullied mercilessly because of her looks, but there comes a time in a girl’s life when you just say, “Fuck this shit. I’m taking back my life…” And she does just that.

Troy is definitely not your average romantic hero. Especially not it Miss Juicy’s eyes. For one, he’s white. Two, he’s homeless. And three, he lives with mental illness. Juicy has enough problems of her own, and she hardly has time for a dirty-looking, crazy, homeless white boy. Troy and Juicy both have their own stereotypical thoughts of one another, but it’s their budding friendship that keeps this story so interesting. Of course, one thing eventually leads to another, and the friendship leads to romance.

Can these two polar opposites (literally and figuratively) find a way to make it work when there are so many damn obstacles in the way? If you haven’t already, add Juicy to your TBR and stimulate yo mind…


Book Tour: Until Ray by Cheryl Robinson

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Until Ray Virtual Book Tour, with author Cheryl Robinson. June 19- July 14, 2017. 

Releasing “free” June 27 at select ebook retailers. 

Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary

About The Author

Cheryl currently resides in the Sunshine State with plans to return to her hometown Detroit shortly. For the past fifteen years, she has been busy writing contemporary women’s fiction. While writing is her first love, making delicious green smoothies is easily her second. She also enjoys spoiling her miniature Schnauzer and whipping up healthy meals from recipes she finds online.

About The Book

Two people in the same city but worlds apart.

Until Ray is an unconventional love story of how two young people transitioning into adulthood find each other and develop a bond that will be tested through three decades.

He lives in northwest Detroit with his mother. When he’s not at home, he’s either at the mall selling women’s shoes or in the club. In both places, he’s focused on one thing—picking up women. Only now he’s ready to make a change but isn’t sure how to do it.

At twenty-four, she has an MBA, is a CPA, and works in upper-level management at GM. But all that success comes at a cost: she’s lonely and craves the one thing she’s never had—attention from men.
Dive into a love story filled with soul-searching drama told from two very different perspectives. Until Ray, the first book of a trilogy, is set in the mid-eighties in Detroit, where the author was born and raised.

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Monday Musings: What Kind Of Reader Are You?

Do you make time to read? Do you read when the mood strikes? Or do you get it in where you can fit it in? In any given week, sometimes, any given day, I’ve been known to do all three. Lately, though, my 9-5 has been keeping me hella busy, and I find my free time dwindling, and thus,  I’m becoming more and more of the get it in where I can fit it in kinda reader. And I ain’t HAPPY!

Reading is such a personal, and often private, experience for me. Don’t bother me. Don’t ask me questions. Just…don’t LOL.  Let me finish and absorb the words, the characters, and the scenes, then I might get back with you. And this doesn’t apply only to romance. Everything I read is like a private lap dance between me and my kindle, and now more often than ever-books. GASP!

Reading is my sanctuary. It’s the only time that I can shut my non-stop brain from overthinking, over-processing, over-worrying about everything. For that small moment in time, everything is right in the world. Bae is coming through on the electronic pages, and I need that bonding time! You know how some smokers will wake up in the middle of the night just for a cig? I’ve been known to turn over and grab my Kindle just to get in a chapter or two. Yeah, I’m that kind of reader.

PS- I’m now on Instagram @musingsrj. Join me, will ya… 


New Release: Egyptian Nights by L. Loren

I’m a day late and a dollar short, but here we are! The latest from L. Loren, Egyptian Nights, is available!


Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman named Egypt, and she loved sex. Cursed by her mother’s dying declaration, she thinks she is unworthy of love. Locking her feelings inside an impenetrable ice block, she hides behind casual sex. Aided by her Naughty Fairy Godmother, she creates a playlist of rules to live by to avoid a broken heart.

When the ruggedly, sexy businessman, Harper Beckmann enters the restaurant where she is the executive chef, she feels drawn to him in ways she never felt before. When he denies her offer for a casual hook-up and offers to take her on a date instead, she is intrigued. Unable to resist his charms, she allows him to break all of her rules, including kissing on the mouth.

Harper has been playing the field since his fiancée left him for his best friend. A romantic at heart, he longs for the love of a good woman. When he meets Egypt, he knows instantly she is just what he needs to cure his aching heart. If he can break down her walls and get her to admit she loves him too, Beckmann may just be the one to break the curse.

Egyptian Nights is a full-length, adult fairy tale and only 99 pennies! Peep the trailer then click to purchase!




New Release: Safe Space by Tiffany Patterson

You ever get a sample of a book, and the story immediately grabs you like

I’ve heard of author Tiffany Patterson in these literary skreets, but I’ve never read her books — until now (Well, I copped it; haven’t actually read it — yet.) What grabbed me wasn’t the blurb, but the sample. Well, the blurb prompted me to read the sample, which prompted me to click. I love prim and proper mixed with a lil sophistiratchet. I think it’s in my DNA.

Safe Space is a friends-to-lovers romance. You know, the lil sister and her brother’s BFF typa romance. The story begins with Chanel Richards moving back home to Houston, TX after ending her engagement to her abusive, fuckboy fiance Ethan (I’m telling you, he woulda caught a brick in his sleep…).

Chanel is a practicing attorney and is basically trying to pick up the pieces, but she’s pleasantly distracted by her brother’s BF Xavier Grant. Xavier is handling business, living life…until Chanel re-enters the picture, and lil sis is now all grown up — and available. As Xavier and Chanel try to make a love connection, people and things get in the way (It wouldn’t be a romance if they didn’t.)

Love will not be denied. No brother, no father, no case will keep X man from his woman. Except maybe the woman herself.

Safe Space is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Monday Musings: I Don’t Relate To Black Characters and Other Bullshit Excuses

I recently read a post on an author’s (who happens to be black) blog where she talked about why she writes diverse  poc characters and how she was told by more than one “mainstream” blog that their readers (in so many words) couldn’t relate to black characters (Ain’t enough gifs on the planet to show you how I feel about this asinine remark). I was a little disappointed at the end of the post because my takeaway was that her argument  wasn’t so much in defense of a need for readers of all ethnicities to read about different cultures and experiences, but it was one that spoke (in a roundabout way) to the monetary implications of why some authors of color don’t write characters of color, and…

Somebody finally said it without actually saying it :/ Some authors of colors exclusively write white characters because they know their chances of being bought and read are practically guaranteed — or at least considered (And writing with a non-ethnic sounding author name will almost certainly get you extra consideration.)

Why is it in 2017 we’re still dealing with this shit? (It’s a rhetorical question, by the way.) For a better part of my life, I’ve read nothing but mainstream (white) stories, and never once did I walk away believing their experiences (not saying all) were unlike mine.

The bottom line is we all experience the same shit — just differently. No, I don’t know what it’s like to have to wash my hair every, single day or season my chicken with just salt and pepper, but you know what? I do wash my damn hair, and I do season my chicken with about eleven herbs and spices. The point? I like clean hair and chicken. Just like Susie. So, because we do these two things differently, I’m unrelatable?


Flashback Friday: The Blacker The Berry by Lena Matthews

Y’all! The Blacker The Berry by Lena Matthews was one of the very first interracial romances that I’d ever read. I didn’t even know IR romance was a “thing” in terms of romantic fiction at that time. I first got this book in paperback waaaay back in 2008 from that African American book club that escapes my mind at the moment. Remember back in the day (I’m dating myself…) when you could get, like, ten books for a penny, but then you’d have to commit to buying five at regular price over a three-year period or something crazy like that? Yeah, I joined the black version of that lmao!

So, TBTB is actually book two of Matthews’s Wild, Wild West series. Tamara is a plus-size (another first for me in reading any romance at that time) photographer whose best friend, Charlotte, is days away from giving birth to her first child (You can read Charlotte and Ty’s story here). Tam lives in the big city, so she really doesn’t have a need for a car. Ty suggests that his boy Russell and her drive down together since they’ll be the godparents and what’s the harm in the two getting to know each other in the process?


Talk about oil and water! These two are a hot mess! They are the epitome of opposites attracting. Aside from the obvious racial difference, there’s the real cultural differences. He’s a conservative-ish city slicker lawyer but a country boy at heart. She’s a free spirit with an eff you, I’ma do me attitude. Russell wasn’t ready for Tam. Tam isn’t the stereotypical, “sassy”, “brash”, “neck-rolling” black woman. Nah…I rebuke that. What she is is a black woman who don’t take no shit and speaks her mind, even if it is to mask some pain and insecurities that she has. And to have this handsome asshole like her even a little bit, is a lil unsettling for her.

So, yeah…I liked this one. Definitely one to add to the TBR fo’ sho’! Happy weekend, peeps ❤


Summer Reading #2: The Perfect Find by Tia Williams

I’ve been a fan of Tia Williams’s writing since I read The Accidental Diva waaay back in ’05. I hate comparing authors to one another, but to give you an idea of what to expect from a Tia Williams original is if you love Jackie Collins, then you will love Tia Williams. It’s high fashion, high drama, sexy love, and everything in between.

The Perfect Find is refreshingly different in that the heroine isn’t a young millennial trying to find her way in the big, bad world, but a down and out Gen-Xer trying to find her way back in the big, bad world. Relatable af!


Jenna Jones, former It-girl fashion editor, is broke and desperate for a second chance. When she’s dumped by her longtime fiancé and fired from Darling magazine, she begs for a job from her old arch nemesis, Darcy Vale. The beyond-bitchy publisher of StyleZine.com, Darcy agrees to hire her rival – only because her fashion site needs a jolt from Jenna’s old school cred. But Jenna soon realizes she’s in over her head. She’s working with digital-savvy millennials half her age, has never even “Twittered,” and pretends to still be a Fashion Somebody while living a style lie (she sold her designer wardrobe to afford her sketched-out studio, and now quietly wears Walmart’s finest). Worse? The twenty-two-year-old videographer assigned to shoot her web series is driving her crazy. Wildly sexy with a smile Jenna feels in her thighs, Eric Combs is way off-limits – but almost too delicious too resist.

Okaaaayyyy! Ol’ girl and a twenty-two year old dude? I’on know ’bout you, but I don’t think I could. But, hey, never say never…

Monday Musings: I’m Not Crying. You’re Crying!

Anyone who knows me, knows I pretty much only show three emotions: extreme anger, cold indifference, or unbridled glee. On the rare occasion, I will read something, and a new emotion will emerge: hard-hitting, profound sadness.


The kid don’t do tears (except happy, piss my pants ones), but there has been a time or three when I’ve read something and you’d swear somebody dunked my face in a vat of snot. It could be a heartbreaking breakup, an innocent character being mistreated or abuse, or the death of a beloved character. And Lawd, don’t let no animals be involved…Authors who make me cry are angels sent from above. If it weren’t for them, my tear ducts would dry up like some uncapped glue. So, thank you. I guess 😛