Monday Musings: I’s Back!

Hey Y’all!

What’s crackin? It feels good to be back. I wasn’t completely honest when I said I was breaking because I was busy. That’s only partly true. I had to take a break because, for the second or third time since I’ve created this blog, I’ve found myself asking myself: WHY AM I DOING THIS?! Nobody’s reading this crap. I’m busting my ass to come up with snarky, entertaining commentary while spotlighting hardworking authors, but who am I doing it for? Yes, I get in my feelings sometimes. I’m a Leo. I own it…

So, after a month of feeling sorry for myself, I said, Fuck it. I’m doing this for me because I like to look back at my old posts and go, “Yeah, I remember when that book came out” or “Yeah, I was feeling some damn type of way when I wrote that musings…”

It’s pretty amazing that in the time I’ve been gone, I’ve gained a few new followers (Were you drinking?). Thank you and welcome. You will learn quickly that my censor is pretty much unfiltered because I post in the moment (I have yet to regret or retract a thing I’ve said. Knock on all the wood in world.) I’m just a passionate reader and an even more passionate thinker (I never said what I think is right or good…), so you’ll see that reflected in these posts.

June unofficially (or officially?) kicks off summer reading. I’ve got books and authors galore to spotlight this month. There’s a hellafied box set dropping this month that I can’t wait to talk about, and a few of my faves are dropping new releases. I’m also committed to showcasing those authors under the radar who quietly do the damn thang with little fanfare. So, yeah…June is gonna be lit for reals. I’ll holla at y’all later this week with the first of many spotlights to come.

24 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I’s Back!

  1. Don’t you dare stop writing this blog! These musings keep a sista going and I love, love, love the heads up on new reading material. You do have loyal fans out there…just keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you…

  2. WOOP WOOP! Welcome back! I have noticed that I don’t see many promos for your great posts. PUT ‘EM ON THE GLASS. LOL. Shoot yer shot and whatever, ma’am! You got all this good content and don’t talk about it. It’s okay to let the people know you all that an’ sh*t. 😀

  3. Welcome home, because you know this is where your ❤️ is.
    I had a ‘What the fcuk am I doing all this for.’ moment myself, and stopped writing….for all of two hours, lol. I can’t help myself. Labour of Love, this is what this is.
    Glad you’re back, I missed my musings. xx

  4. I’m glad you’re back. We all have those WTF moments. Thank God you had the strength (and sense) to get past that moment. If you didn’t, where would that leave the rest of us? In Mourning and Missing our Monday Musings!

  5. Although this is my first time commenting, I read EVERY SINGLE POST. I can admit I tend to shy away from commenting because I am well aware of my faults (writing is not my thang!) please know that I, as well as many others, appreciate all the spotlights, commentary and most of all you just being you. Glad you’re back!!

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