Summer Reading #1: Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted by Starrene Rocques

First of all (neck rolling hard af), I am feeling some type of way about this title (***SNICKERS***). It worked because I clicked it!

Summertime for me is all about reading lighthearted, over-the-top, soap opera-ish, drama-filled romance. I don’t know if Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted is any of these things, but based on the blurb and title, I may have a winner:

Nyela Barnes is a respected entertainment journalist who seemingly has it all, but the luster of her once fulfilling career has started to fade. With pseudo writers and social media stars continuing to water down the art of real reporting and her boss at Spark magazine micromanaging her every move, Nyela is desperately in need of a change.

The idea of chasing a new dream of becoming a screenwriter reignites Nyela’s fire, but her world gets turned upside down when she starts a romance with Olu Major, the hottest actor-turned-rapper in the game. Overnight, she goes from being the one telling the story to being the story, as her name becomes the source of gossip blog fodder.

Supported by her talented, zany friends and quirky family, Nyela is determined to figure out the identity of anonymous blogger Chatty Abernathy, who seems hell-bent on destroying her reputation and budding relationship.

Romance: √ Drama: √ Haters: √ More Drama: √



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