Monday Musings: I’m Not Crying. You’re Crying!

Anyone who knows me, knows I pretty much only show three emotions: extreme anger, cold indifference, or unbridled glee. On the rare occasion, I will read something, and a new emotion will emerge: hard-hitting, profound sadness.


The kid don’t do tears (except happy, piss my pants ones), but there has been a time or three when I’ve read something and you’d swear somebody dunked my face in a vat of snot. It could be a heartbreaking breakup, an innocent character being mistreated or abuse, or the death of a beloved character. And Lawd, don’t let no animals be involved…Authors who make me cry are angels sent from above. If it weren’t for them, my tear ducts would dry up like some uncapped glue. So, thank you. I guess 😛