Flashback Friday: The Blacker The Berry by Lena Matthews

Y’all! The Blacker The Berry by Lena Matthews was one of the very first interracial romances that I’d ever read. I didn’t even know IR romance was a “thing” in terms of romantic fiction at that time. I first got this book in paperback waaaay back in 2008 from that African American book club that escapes my mind at the moment. Remember back in the day (I’m dating myself…) when you could get, like, ten books for a penny, but then you’d have to commit to buying five at regular price over a three-year period or something crazy like that? Yeah, I joined the black version of that lmao!

So, TBTB is actually book two of Matthews’s Wild, Wild West series. Tamara is a plus-size (another first for me in reading any romance at that time) photographer whose best friend, Charlotte, is days away from giving birth to her first child (You can read Charlotte and Ty’s story here). Tam lives in the big city, so she really doesn’t have a need for a car. Ty suggests that his boy Russell and her drive down together since they’ll be the godparents and what’s the harm in the two getting to know each other in the process?


Talk about oil and water! These two are a hot mess! They are the epitome of opposites attracting. Aside from the obvious racial difference, there’s the real cultural differences. He’s a conservative-ish city slicker lawyer but a country boy at heart. She’s a free spirit with an eff you, I’ma do me attitude. Russell wasn’t ready for Tam. Tam isn’t the stereotypical, “sassy”, “brash”, “neck-rolling” black woman. Nah…I rebuke that. What she is is a black woman who don’t take no shit and speaks her mind, even if it is to mask some pain and insecurities that she has. And to have this handsome asshole like her even a little bit, is a lil unsettling for her.

So, yeah…I liked this one. Definitely one to add to the TBR fo’ sho’! Happy weekend, peeps ❤