Monday Musings: What Kind Of Reader Are You?

Do you make time to read? Do you read when the mood strikes? Or do you get it in where you can fit it in? In any given week, sometimes, any given day, I’ve been known to do all three. Lately, though, my 9-5 has been keeping me hella busy, and I find my free time dwindling, and thus,  I’m becoming more and more of the get it in where I can fit it in kinda reader. And I ain’t HAPPY!

Reading is such a personal, and often private, experience for me. Don’t bother me. Don’t ask me questions. Just…don’t LOL.  Let me finish and absorb the words, the characters, and the scenes, then I might get back with you. And this doesn’t apply only to romance. Everything I read is like a private lap dance between me and my kindle, and now more often than ever-books. GASP!

Reading is my sanctuary. It’s the only time that I can shut my non-stop brain from overthinking, over-processing, over-worrying about everything. For that small moment in time, everything is right in the world. Bae is coming through on the electronic pages, and I need that bonding time! You know how some smokers will wake up in the middle of the night just for a cig? I’ve been known to turn over and grab my Kindle just to get in a chapter or two. Yeah, I’m that kind of reader.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: What Kind Of Reader Are You?

  1. I have participated in the Goodreads challenge for the last 4 years but didn’t make my goal last year and even though I lowered The number this year I still might not make it. I cannot figure out how people read more than 100 books. My regular job often prevents me from reading as much as I would like. But on my best times.

    My favorite place is Starbucks with my favorite drink.
    I love when it’s clicking on all cylinders. It can be contemporary or suspense it doesn’t matter.
    But it’s so weird when I am in the mood for one more than the other.
    I love my IPad which I purchased specifically for books. But for me the feel of a book in my hands is still the best.

  2. Hello MRJ, I’m a book addict. As a full-time student working part-time I read material for my classes. But generally I read fiction, nonfiction and everything else in between. I usually read three to five hours a day. I very serious about reading because I’m not a social creature. Also I have an extreme disdain for ebooks and I love hardcover books, and a firm believer in re-reading my books.

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