Flashback Friday: Juicy by Pepper Pace

Chile…When I tell you that this book is all that…

Juicy by Pepper Pace is probably one of the most unconventional romances that I’ve ever read at that time because romance is supposed to be sweet and tender with a resolvable conflict. Juicy is anything but, but there are those moments.

What I personally love about this story is the main characters. Juicy is not your average heroine. She’s fat. She’s dark-skinned. And she’s not your typical standard romance beauty. Juicy is bullied mercilessly because of her looks, but there comes a time in a girl’s life when you just say, “Fuck this shit. I’m taking back my life…” And she does just that.

Troy is definitely not your average romantic hero. Especially not it Miss Juicy’s eyes. For one, he’s white. Two, he’s homeless. And three, he lives with mental illness. Juicy has enough problems of her own, and she hardly has time for a dirty-looking, crazy, homeless white boy. Troy and Juicy both have their own stereotypical thoughts of one another, but it’s their budding friendship that keeps this story so interesting. Of course, one thing eventually leads to another, and the friendship leads to romance.

Can these two polar opposites (literally and figuratively) find a way to make it work when there are so many damn obstacles in the way? If you haven’t already, add Juicy to your TBR and stimulate yo mind…


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