Monday Musing: A Lil Bidness Advice

Monday Musings III

This is NOT a callout post. This is a word to the wise post.

Authors and bloggers: DO NOT use celebrities and/or public figures on your book covers or promotional materials without expressed written consent. You are violating all kinds of copyrights, and you can be sued because of it.

I admit, I have been guilty of this in the past, but I learned my lesson when I received a nicety email one day (I won’t go into the sordid details, but let’s just say, it was a sobering experience.) insisting requesting I remove an image that I used in a blog post. And if you’re creating your vision boards on Pinterest, be mindful. I’ve had images of mine removed because they were copyrighted. I’m just sayin…

          Image Cred: CreateHer Stock

I now use stock photos from depositphotos or CreateHer Stock for all my lil promos. And if you write characters of color, there’s a new stock photo site called Pic Noi.  I’m sure there are other reputable, affordable solutions and please share in the comments. Don’t get caught in these literary skreets using a celebrity’s likeness to pimp yo next masterpiece.



8 thoughts on “Monday Musing: A Lil Bidness Advice

  1. This should just be common sense but it’s not. An author friend got sued over an image a few years ago. I buy all my images now.

  2. Girl, speak on it. Every time I see a cover, or promo post using a celebrity I shake my head and back away very slowly. Stock photos can be pricey, but in the end, being sued is so much worse.

  3. folk are still doing this?! smh.
    And to say you didn’t or don’t know is IMO bs because there are too many cautionary tales out there.

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