New Release: Born TO Be Wild by Chicki Brown

This week’s spotlight comes from an author I’ve seen in Facebook town but never personally encountered in these literary skreets until we made acquaintances at my pied-a-terre aka my Facebook page. Chicki Brown is her name. African American romance is her game. And her latest is called Born To Be Wild: Book One in The Lake Series


Born To Be Wild is the story of opposites attracting. Tangela is a quiet, introverted bookworm — HOL’ UP! — who lives in the small town of BF  Eufaula, Alabama. She owns her own bookstore (What a dream!) and is dating a safe but boring dude who does nothing to light her fire (Been there, done that…) Tangie needs some stimulation in more ways than one.

Enter Reese Turner. Black. Biker. Babe. Ain’t even read the book and he can come to mama…

Reese is just breaking up with his supermodel girlfriend, Tyra Stanks, and he’s hardly looking for a new love, but don’t sleep on us quiet types. Tangie got Reese shook from the jump but can they make it work? Will their differences play a factor? Is Tangie’s man a factor? Sounds like drama to me.

Check it out and add to your TBR!


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