Flashback Friday: Every Breath You Take by Eve Vaughn

Two words for this week’s flashback: Mind fuck. Eve Vaughn was on some different shit before it became cool or revolutionary. Every Breath You Take was published way back in 2005. 2-0-0-5!

Okay, so here is the Cliff Notes version:

Derrick, a brutha, is viciously murdered, and his wife eventually becomes engaged to his killer (unbeknownst to her, of course). Derrick ain’t having that. His killer laid up with his woman? And his kids? Hell nah, bruh…

So, he strikes a deal with the angel council or whatever they’re called to come back to Earth to save his wife and kids, but you know they won’t make it that easy. He is dead, after all. He can go back, but there’s a catch. Or two.

Enter Matt Collins. Father of Derrick’s son’s friend. Matt becomes wildly attracted to Derrick’s widow Brandi and she’s feeling him too, but see, the problem is Brandi is engage to ol’ killa man. See, he’s a good dude on the outside — loving, attentive, all that good stuff, but Matt knows he ain’t shit. The dilemma is…Matt is Derrick! And no, I am not giving the story away! You can read the blurb on Amazon, and it’ll tell you the same thing, so chill!

It would’ve been cool for us to not find this out until we read because that ish is wild. Brandi didn’t mess with no white dudes before and Derrick sure wasn’t trying to come back as one, but this joint kept me on the edge of my seat to the end. Click it up!


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Every Breath You Take by Eve Vaughn

  1. This review just made me go “Molly, you in danger girl”, a la Whoopi G in Ghost. 😂 I will be reading this one this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion…

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