Monday Musings: Authors, Do You Boo

Authors, when you get a review, an email, a DM, a social media comment that tells you in no uncertain terms that “They hated it”, “They didn’t get it”, “Who wrote this”?, “They felt you were doing the most” without putting any of their feelings into context, then you have accomplished your mission. You got em shook. You did that!

I’ve been in these literary skreets (TM pending. Not really…but I should) long enough to know an author’s “style” or m.o., and when they switch the game up, some readers just can’t handle it. This is the face I always picture they have after reading when I read some of their comments:

Now, I’m not saying some stories aren’t worth Aunt Brenda’s legendary cringe. I’m referring specifically to the ones that just hate in their reviews because they don’t understand or get it. I know y’all be pissed when you get those 1- and 2-star reviews because a reader gets in their feelings. Y’all gotta let that ish go. I know it’s hard, but I’m here to tell you:



3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Authors, Do You Boo

  1. I have to agree. It is easy to write a positive review. It takes me a while to write a negative one though. And that means I have been thinking about that for some time. I know that if I am going to say that I did not like it, I need to explain in detail. I also know that the reasons why I hated it might be the same reason someone else wants to read it.

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