Flashback Friday: Mina’s Joint by Keisha Ervin

You know, I hardly feature any urban fiction, trap fiction, hood reads, whatever you wanna call it on this blog. Not because I’m an uppity negress blogger. Don’t get it twisted; I read a lot of trap fiction. But this is a romance blog at its core, and a lot of the “romance” in urban fiction is rooted in the life of a trapper, which is more often than not rooted in romance that is centered in having side pieces and multiple baby mamas and all that. This blog ain’t about that life, though.

With all that being said, there is one story in particular that I loved since I clicked it up way back in 2011, and it’s Mina’s Joint by the queen of sophistiratchet hood love, Keisha Ervin.

Mina Matthews got it going on: She’s a twenty-five year old boss. Mina owns her own hair salon, drives the latest whip, and is engaged to the son of the mayor of St. Louis. Her life is envious, right? WRONG! Especially when the man you’re about to marry is a psychotic monster.

Enter Victor Gonzalez: former flame and international trap king. Victor is the boss of bosses and foine af! Oh, he and Mina also have history that’s about to turn both of their worlds upside down. While Mina and Victor get reacquainted, there’s one thing, rather, person, standing in their way: Psycho Andy, Mina’s deranged fiancé.

Yes, this story has some trap elements in it, obviously, but at the heart of it is a romance with a surprise twist at the end. But there are hella funny moments, especially with Mina’s mother Rita. Blac Chyna’s mother ain’t got nothing on Rita Matthews LMFAO! Oh, and there’s a sequel, Mina’s Joint 2. If you’ve always been “curious” about urban fiction but just didn’t want to go there because of the violence, ratchetness, and all the other “unsavory” elements, Mina’s Joint is mild in comparison and worth consideration.


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