Monday Musings: The Case of the Formulaic Author

What exactly do I mean by formulaic? Well, I’m not referring to authors who only write one genre. I’m referring to the author whose nearly every book has the same underlying theme, whether it be alpha dudes who get tamed by the nerdy misfit or the rich mogul who meets his match in the feisty, I-don’t-need-you-but-you-gon-want-me woman.

And let me just say: I have absolutely nothing against this! I actually have a handful of faves whose specialty is writing a certain trope, and I look forward to each new release like a fiend geeking for rocks. But what I don’t like is the thinly veiled, recycled storylines where I can predict the outcome of the book less than fifty percent in.

From the plot right down to the love scenes are virtually identical to the previous books, and that’s where I blow my gasket! C’mon son! How you gon plagiarize yourself? I’m so serious when I say I have read books where the author details the sex between the couple using the same descriptors from all her previous stories.  I had to actually make sure I wasn’t reading the same story. When I come to a love scene now, I literally swipe straight through to the next scene. No bueno…

I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. Are you okay with repetition as long as the story is entertaining?


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: The Case of the Formulaic Author

  1. Nope. I can’t do recycled repetition. I tune out. It’s part of the reason I read “out there” storylines. There’s next to no chance of something from a previous story creeping in.

  2. This is why I could never get into category romance (the Harlequin, Mills & Boon books).Each imprint has specific guidelines and the authors who are successful are the most prolific ones ‘cuz each and every one of their books are cookie-cutter in style. Hate to say it. But think Barbara Cartland. Oh yeah, names change and locales change but basically you get the same story. Props to those who like to write according to those rules but for me…Nope. I write soooooo outside the box, it would be painful.

  3. I am here for this because there is a certain author who has written basically the same storyline and people still give her good reviews when I want to scream at 5.99 you need to do better! But I guess when they have a following they don’t see the need.

  4. I died at “how you gonna plagiarize yourself” ghurrlll, lols!

    but yeah, so not okay with recycled stories, nope!

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