Monday Musings: Reading Is A Form Of Self Care

Ok, so, I’m sorta kinda back  but not really. What was supposed to be a two-week hiatus has turned into a month. Like you care, but I feel the need to explain because I do have some loyal readers and some new followers since I’ve been gone (Bish, whet?!)

My mind has been a literal garbage bag overflowing with thoughts and ideas with no viable means of execution. When I become overwhelmed, I literally shut down. I can’t think, let alone blog or be social media social (Does that make sense?) I’ve indefinitely dipped from Facebook and Twitter as I regroup and refocus both personally and professionally. And to top it all off, I develop carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist, which also happens to be my dominant hand.  This has been years in the making and only makes my triumphant return to social media a dud and delayed as I mentally process what this all means. This pain ain’t no joke, and I don’t think you (myself included) realize how challenging it is to give it a rest, especially when your livelihood depends on the use of both hands.

So, what does reading has to do with the price of eggs (as my mother used to always say when two things seemingly have nothing to do with one another…)? As I contemplate my next moves and begin this massive brain dump, I bide my time and ease my troubles by reading. Before, reading was a pleasurable escape. Now, reading is a necessary escape. And I can actually swipe with my left hand (which has seen more activity in the last few weeks than ever!) to relieve some of the pressure from my right.

To the authors I’ve been in contact with to do spotlights, tours, etc., I apologize in advance. I will still honor my commitments, but there will be a delay now, obviously. I. Gotchu.

Are you on Instagram? Look me up @musingsrj. It doesn’t take much for me to upload a pic and a few words as it does for me to type out a blog post.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be rehabbin’ and readin’. Talk to y’all soon ❤




See Y’all In Two…

You know when you see this graphic, I’m about to check out for a minute. Work before play.  These coins is calling me… “Patrice… I’m here… Come and get me…”

While I’m ghost, there have been a bunch of new releases worth checking out. Just click the pic to get the scoop. See y’all in two…

New Release: The Light: City of Sin by Savannah J. Frierson

Savannah J. is back with a new release, and this one has futuristic, paranormal edge to it. Okay, this is new…figuratively speaking…

Angels and demons and clairvoyance play prominently in this story set in Las Vegas.


Aminata “Amie” Fisher usually knows better than to go haring off in the middle of the night chasing after a nightmare, but she figures she is getting the dreams for a reason. A blind woman scouring the streets of Las Vegas to stop a daemon is a recipe for nothing but Bad Things to happen, and boy, do they start happening quickly. Yet in a flash of bright light, Amie is suddenly in the arms of an angel that she prays will never let her go.

Dominion angel Jaie has one task and one task only: Bring a soul-snatching daemon to heel. Jaie understands Amie is key to doing this, but he also recognizes enlisting her leaves her vulnerable to the daemon who would use her burgeoning powers as a djinni for ill. And as he grows to know Amie, Jaie can’t have that potential fate for her on his conscience, or on his heart.

With the truth of her lineage and her powers brought to the light, Amie is thrust into the battle of a lifetime. And as an impossible choice looms before them, Jaie realizes there is nothing more daemonic than choosing between the lives of all and the love of one.

The Light is but one book in a twelve-book collection. Check them out here, and if you’re a fan of paranormal and speculative romantic fiction, add The Light to your collection today!