Monday Musings: Finding The Romance In Everything

Hello, friends! I am feeling better, so when you’re having those pockets of feel-good, you’d better take advantage of it because an hour later? Fuggetaboutit!

I have to be honest with you. As much as I love blogging and talking ish, I am a lazy blogger. For one, there is no compensation in it for me. It’s like volunteering. I do it to feel good and to brighten up an author’s day when they want some shine for that new release.  And two, I get bored very easily (I truly think I have a mild form of Adult ADD).

Anyway, I’m saying all of this to say that while I love blogging about books and authors, it’s no longer enough for me. I find romance in many other things—when some random dude in the grocery store says hello, my ridiculous candle collection (Have you ever lit—I was about to say “litten” lmao— ten glass jar candles at once? Swoon…), my lily plant…

The freaking point is, I find elements of romance in the everyday. So… look for me to incorporate some of my everyday into future posts. It’ll still be about books and authors and romance, but I want to share more of what I find romantic into the books and spotlights featured here.

Join me, will you?