Monday Musings: It’s Cuffing Season!

Howdy do?! It’s been a minute, and I regret nothing…Actually, if you follow me on Instagram (not-so-shameless-plug), then you know I’m still in these literary skreets, doing what I do…

As the temps drop here in the DMV (That’ DC/MD/VA for you unknowing folk), I cuff, not with a significant other but with something less annoying and totally inanimate: my Kindle! Don’t you feel sorry for me. I’m good, yo. I can cuddle up with a new dude every night without an ounce of guilt (teehee…)

My Kindle is locked, stocked, and loaded, and this is only the beginning! There are new titles dropping almost every week from my faves, and I am too psyched. I am sufficiently budgeted for purchases. Now, if I can only budget some time to cuddle up and actually read.




Monday Musings: About Me

I often get inquiries to review a story (I’m like, have you read the fine print? But I get it; you see a book blog and an opportunity…) Anyway, I’m saying all that to say that while I write “reviews”, I consider them anything but. I’ve always been of the mindset, “Who gives a shit if I liked or hated something?” Will that really influence you either way? If you say “I loved it” and I trust you, I’m gonna read it. If you say “I hated it”, regardless of who you are, I’m most likely gonna want to read it just to see why you hatin’. So… with that being said:

In conclusion, follow my dusty YouTube channel. I’m resurrecting that sumbugger because I’ve been doing a lot of reading, but I ain’t been talking or writing about it, and I’m feeling jiggy with my thoughts.

Now, if you want me to read your book and get jiggy with my thoughts, I’ll do it. But you can’t be all “If you don’t like it, don’t review it…” Nope. Don’t work that way…

Be back soon-ish…