Monday Musings: Reading This Book Felt Like Eating Unseasoned Chicken

Tis the first Monday of the month; therefore, I muse…

You ever read a book that was well-written, at times, engaging, and just an all-around productive use of your time? But while you’re reading, you’re constantly asking yourself, “When is the bottom going to drop?” “When is the crazy ex gonna pop up and try to re-stake their claim?” “When is something dire from the past gonna resurface and threaten the couple’s happiness?”

You get through the entire book, and NOTHING! There’s no seasoning! You just read the equivalent of a two-piece white broiled with a splash of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. I mean, it fills you, but it isn’t savory. There are no lingering feels. You are already thinking about what you are going to read next.

Or is it just me? You don’t mind a romance with zero conflict. I just…can’t see how a couple meets, goes out a few times, falls in love, and marries. The end. What?! I need something to drive a wedge between them—a new job on a different continent; political differences; the “pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza” debate; SOMETHING!!!!

Look, I live a drama-free life, so I get my jollies through these books. I needs the seasoning!

ps-I’ve surpassed the 500 post mark! I can’t believe it. I should do a giveaway or sum’n. Stay tuned…


11 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Reading This Book Felt Like Eating Unseasoned Chicken

  1. I am laughing so hard at this!!! Mainly because you have just described how I felt so many times. This is a better description than my “Meh” . Those are the books that I forget it as soon as I finish. Someone asks, “What was it about?” and I have to look up the blurb to remember.

    I would rather have a “WTF did I just read?” feeling instead of total ambivalence because at least there was a little emotion inspired.

    Plus, if the couple does not have some struggle, how do we even know their love is real?

    OAN, because of forgettable books, I appreciate Amazon’s “you have this book in your library” feature. Thanks Amazon for helping me not waste my money buying a forgettable book a second time because the blurb sounds so interesting.

  2. I completely understand and feel the same way. I always have the thought in the back of my mind that something bad is going to happen so that they will have something to overcome. When that something never comes I am left thinking – huh, that was it? Lol….like you I’m already thinking about what I should read next. I’m not saying drama has to be happening every other page but there does have to be something to make me root for that HEA.

    1. Exactly! Isn’t there some rule somewhere that states that? If not, there needs to be!

      And thank you! You’ve always been one of my biggest supporters ❤

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