Black Bloggers Aren’t Supportive? Chile, Bye

This is not a musings but a PSA: We exist! We outchea! We support authors (black and others) who tell our stories and represent us in their narratives. The sentiment that we do not is bullshit. I will admit that we do not always have firsthand knowledge of a new release or project because we’re often indirectly (or not) excluded because our social media presence isn’t large enough for a writer’s or publisher’s liking or there’s this ridiculous belief that black women (or people) don’t read.

I am proud to be part of a collective of black women bloggers. We all maintain separate blogs (which I encourage you to follow and support), but we’ve formed a sisterhood beyond blogging where we actively discuss the state of black fiction in all its forms. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know I concentrate specifically on romance, but my blogging sisters represent the black narrative in all its genres. WE EXIST!

If you are a blogger who reps black fiction and black womanhood in fiction, please link in the comments. Make your presence known!




Brazen Babe Reviews




Monlatable Book Reviews


And you already know how I roll…


I’ve given you four black bloggers who will rep your black narrative. Four is better than none. And while you’re at it, join our Goodreads group, The Black Bookcase. I post romances, old and new, every Tuesday and Friday, but we represent all genres of fiction that feature black women in a leading role.


14 thoughts on “Black Bloggers Aren’t Supportive? Chile, Bye

  1. Although few, you, both Cocos, Monlatable Reviews, and Women Of Color in Romance, have been a tremendous support to my career.

    I appreciate every spotlight, every review, every shoutout, and every repost you take the time to share with your audiences.

    Thank you!💋

  2. Gloves are off your hilarious:) So many bloggers have bit the dust this stuff can be exhausting . But discovering so many black readers and bloggers have made me so excited. So I feel you on the gloves off. Just makes a person excited to review again… sometimes all the complaining from others make you forget why you loved it.

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