See Y’all In August

Life comes at you fast. That means something’s gotta take a backseat while you handle business. I hope everyone has a happy and safe July, and I’ll holla in August.

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New Release: Winner Takes All by D.A. Young

Ok, Kismet Cove fans, there’s a new release that is actually a new series and a spinoff of Kismet Cove. The series is called Baxter Park, and the book is called:

Winner Takes All is the story of Divina Langley and Grant Easton. If you’ve read any of the books in the Kismet Cove series, then you should be very familiar with these two. If you haven’t read any of the books in the Kismet Cove series, that’s okay too (but you should!). These two were begging for their own story because those lil interludes in the other stories were torturous teases. They weren’t even really supporting players, but their presence was so overwhelming that you had to know their backdrop.


Grant Easton is the man. He is alpha asshole to the umpteenth power, but that doesn’t phase Divina Langley one bit. She loved this fuckboy once upon a time, but too much has happened between these two. The story is a true journey of teenage love, disapproving parents, brutal breakups, ultimate revenge, and bittersweet reunions.

Winner Takes All is two stories in one (bonus!) and the ultimate lovers to enemies to lovers saga. It is available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Click it uppppppppppp!!!!

New Release: Until You by Kendra Mei Chailyn

Awww… this one sounds like a sweet romance. Peep the


Calista Drummond has it all. A doting boyfriend, an amazing best friend, money, and social media fame. When the truth about her boyfriend comes out, Calista is left reeling. Unsure what to do, she leaves Toronto for the small town of Fallings. All she wants to do is hide.

Wealthy contractor Hudson Carrick loves the peace and quiet. That’s why he didn’t last in the big city. In a small town, he has his family, friends, and the lake as his solace. After his marriage falls apart, he resolves himself to the single life. When he meets Calista, he cannot understand why she would venture to such a place as Fallings.

But nature has a way of bringing people together, and if Calista doesn’t burn down Hudson’s cottage first, they just might be able to heal each other.


One-click and see what happens when a social media maven leaves the big city in shame to reclaim her life in a small town. Meeting a cute guy is a bonus.

New from SK: The Pattels (Hawk & Raven)

The wait is over, S.K. fans! How long we been waiting for Hawk Pattel’s story?

Just kidding! (It’s only been about five 😛 )

The Pattels is a spinoff of the Sin City series by S.K. and Hawk Pattel ain’t no saint. Hell, he makes sinners look like saints. Hawk is a bad mutha—



Assistant District Attorney Raven Randolph (I can’t stand her ass, BTW!) is determined to take down one of the most powerful crime families on the East Coast. The Pattels are an organization that has their hand on the pulse of underworld corruption. Almost any criminal act the authorities can name, the Pattels have committed them. Masters at keeping their illegal activities intricately hidden, the DA’s office has never been able to make charges stick. Raven plans to change that. However, she didn’t count on Hawk Pattel and her heart getting in the way.

The world has always been Hawk’s playground but with Assistant District Attorney Raven Randolph, he’s ready to put away childish things. In the beginning, he planned to sleep with Raven in order to manipulate her as he’s done with countless women before–especially since she’s coming after his family with both barrels loaded. It doesn’t take long to realize there’s something between them that goes deeper than just a physical attraction.

Hawk and Raven together equals a recipe for disaster. Yet, there’s always been a thing between them they just can’t ignore. Can two people from vastly different worlds find a way to breach the challenges that face them in order to be together? Or will the lies and betrayal that are revealed be too great to forgive–or forget.

Hawk & Raven is book 1 in the Pattel series. I’m bookmarking all the intimate scenes, BTW, ’cause sis be writing some bomb ass love scenes.


New in the Decades ( A Journey of African American Romance) Series

This month’s spotlight in the Decades series features love in the ’50s. Cool esthetic, but I’m soooooooooo glad I wasn’t alive during that time (Although, I feel like I actually am right now…)

If you are new to the series, Decades spans twelve decades of black love, starting from the 1900s to present day. Each month features a new release in a new decade.

June’s Release: Pride and Passion

Decade: 1950s



Behind the soft smile, perfect manners, and helpful air, Constance Ray is a woman struggling to make it through the day. After her husband is killed in the Korean war, his death leaves her lost, knowing she can never be the woman she was before. Although, when a handsome navy officer shows up with a final word from the grave, Constance can’t ignore the message. She also can’t continue to be indifferent to the man who brought it, or his involvement in the war – the one for everyone’s right to be treated equally.

Nathaniel Kelly never means for it to happen, especially not with Constance. He is supposed to fulfill the final wish of the man he owed his life to, but he can’t help it when he instantly falls for the soften-spoken, bereaved preacher’s daughter. But as much as he wishes to court her, to love her, his loyalty to his friend and his obligation to make up for sins of the father, stand in the way. Remaining true to his friendship, and his mission, is hard when pride for the movement unites Nathaniel with Constance and his passion for her finally sets her free.


These covers capture the era so beautifully. Yup, I’ve been one-clicking and hope you check out the series too.


Book Blitz: When in Barcelona by Avery Aston


GENRE: contemporary romance

BLURB:  With him, she experienced passion unlike she’d never felt before…

All her life, Cassidy Wilkerson has been hard-working and practical. When she’s sent to Barcelona to close a deal no one else can, she fully expects to get the job done. Then she meets Alejandro Prieto. She didn’t expect to be attracted to him. And she didn’t expect to begin an affair that’s unwise, not practical, and against her better judgment.

Alejandro Prieto is the head of Prieto Vineyards, a man whose life is steeped in tradition, and the main obstacle to Cassidy’s success. Before she arrived in Spain, he had every intention of sending her back to Boston without a signed contract. Then he meets her. Their attraction is instantaneous, and before long, they succumb to the heat of desire that dances between them.

But when a scandal rocks the house of Prieto, can their newfound love withstand the storm? Or will they both go their separate ways for good?

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Monday Musings: It’s June Already

Ain’t read nothin’. Ain’t wrote nothin’. Ain’t blogged nothin’. This has been my schmood (shout out to Cardi B) for the last month. You ever just sit in one spot and scroll your IG timeline for literal hours at a time? No? Get the strap!

So, what did I do all May besides not blog or read?

  • I one-clicked a lotta books, which reminds me that I need to add to my Goodreads TBR so that it looks like I’m actually doing something.
  • I watched a lot of MSNBC because I get my jollies when Joy, Ari, Rachel, and Lawrence and nem go IN on y’alls president.
  • I bought a new ride. Not by choice but because some dick rear-ended me and totaled my baby…
  • I watched a lot of eagle cams. I’m obsessed. Not even sorry. Love them damn birds.
  • I’ve been getting some quality sleep. This has been most surprising yet pleasing. I’m down to hitting my snooze button only twice now!

I’ve had my fun, so now, it’s back to work. June is a great month to read some books while eating a boozy popsicle. Or two. Or three…