New Release: The Breakup Plan by Tia Kelly

meet drew.

Drew Wilkerson is a dangerous man. Not in the physical sense. Well, yeah, technically it could be related to something physical, but he’s the type of man that could get away with the most ratchet of offenses and walk away from the incident both unscathed and with two more women fighting to give him some.

Six three. Runner’s build. Colgate megawatt smile with the charm to match. Can wear the heck out of a suit, jeans, basketball shorts… damn near anything and everything. After-hours radio voice. Hell, any time is the right time for that voice. And did I mention the brother has blue eyes? Drew says they’re hazel, but if that’s the case, it’s not the usual green-meets-brown version. When he wakes in the morning, all you see in them is a sea of crystal-blue depth. Piss him off and they remind me of steel. Whether you want to say they’re hazel, blue, gray-blue, or whatever, those bad boys are intense. Staring into them for more than five seconds will pin your ass to a wall so fast you’ll want to cosign turning over all your good credit for anything he could ask for. Although that wouldn’t be necessary.

Did I mention he’s loaded? Just dropped seven figures on his crib in Philly (and before you assume, I’m not talking about low, barely-reaching-million-dollar-status numbers, either), and that’s before the contractors were instructed to turn it into the home of his dreams.

– Avery Coleman

meet avery.

My Avery. I turn around to see her standing in the entry to my room, but she brings a smile to my face simply from the sound of her voice and the warm vanilla bean and coconut scent filling the air. She never can decide which is her favorite smell, and to be honest, I like the combination on her.

The smile on my face is there because I haven’t hugged my girl in weeks, and I’ve missed her, but it doesn’t take long for it to slip off.

“Hey.” She pauses mid-stride toward my open arms and frowns. “You okay?”

I should probably explain. I didn’t expect to see Avery looking the way she does. I’ve seen her hair in countless ways, from her usual Freddie on A Different World go-to style, to weaves, to bohemian braids hanging past her ass, to the small cornrows on the side with a mass of curls piled high on top vibe she’s going for now, so her curly ’hawk look doesn’t surprise me.

It’s seeing the roundness of her adorable caramel apple cheeks slimmed out and revealing a hint of cheekbones, making the diamond and pearl studs I gave her stand out a little more. Hell, it makes even her mouth look…

Sh*t, I don’t have time for a sexual harassment lawsuit, so I better not say. But what I can mention is the mustard tank she has on shows off shoulder blades that are more defined than the last time I saw them, when she wore a single-shoulder gown to a fundraiser a few months back.

And her waist. Jeans hug curves, but these curves aren’t hers. She still has one of those asses folks sing about, saying a beat was made for, but that’s not why I sometimes catch myself staring at her.

I do just because she’s Avery.

– Drew Wilkerson






“Drew. What are you doing in here?”

“It looked pretty chill and inviting, so I thought I’d hang out in here away from the activity.” There is some truth in that. The lounge in the ladies’ room has seating that should be in someone’s living room. Running a hand down my face, I nod toward one of the chairs. “Have a seat.”

She stands, rooted in place, drying her hands on a paper towel.

“Please,” I add.

Her heels click softly against the floor tiles as she makes her way to the deep purple velvet loveseat, where I sit on the edge, taking me back to our night in New York in the back seat of the SUV. When she takes her seat, I can see the relief on her face and have to restrain myself from massaging her feet again.


She keeps her arms folded firmly across her breasts and stares at me.

So I stare back.

I know Avery, but she’s also an open book. This whole defiant stance isn’t for me, it’s about her. Avery doesn’t trust herself right now. The longer I look at her, absorbing everything about her like I usually do, the sooner she’ll cave. She always does.

A couple of minutes later, she lowers her arms to relax her stance. Finally. Progress.

Except something happens that I didn’t expect. I cave right along with her. The confusion in her eyes, the sweetness in her face—all that sucks me in and takes me back to what we shared when I last saw her.

Our faces creep closer and closer, and without thinking, we share another kiss.

Her splayed hands across my chest push back, and abruptly our kiss ends. She fingers the edge of her mouth to clean up her lipstick and shakes her head. “You have to leave.”


“Drew, I’m getting married tomorrow. This. Us. This can’t keep happening.”


A man without a plan is a shell without purpose.
Which is why when I sat down nine years ago and put pen to paper, mapping out a ten-year plan, I meant business. Everything that could set me up for a lifetime of joy had to go down on the list, and every day, I worked my ass off to fulfill it.
Open my own sports agency. Check.
Earn first million by my thirtieth birthday. I did that a week before I turned twenty-six.
Negotiate the most lucrative contract in Major League history. Did that, too. Then went and broke my own record. (Thanks, big bro!)
I could go on, but this isn’t about bragging. It’s me admitting that in the midst of drafting something that helps shape and mold much of my success, I still made a costly mistake.
One day I realized all those entries with corresponding checkmarks are pointless if I don’t factor into the equation the most important goal of all. Avery.
Perhaps way back then I wasn’t ready to see how much my best friend of fifteen years deserved that number one spot in my life. Maybe I was blind, since the whole “settle down and get married” scenario wasn’t my thing. But now that I’m aware of the role I need her to fill in my life, there’s no such thing as letting go until I can convince her to be mine.
Her being about to marry someone else does make winning her heart a little bit dicey. But if there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I always play to win. And losing Avery is nonnegotiable.

The Breakup Plan
A Best Friends to Enemies Romance

He ruined her wedding day and he’ll do it again until she’s his.


Tia Kelly is the author of contemporary and women’s fiction. She is known for her candid way of capturing life, love and relationships… one story at a time.


Coming Soon and a Giveaway: Four by Nia Forrester

Four couples, four transitions, four seasons of marriage …


Most couples wouldn’t have weathered one mistake of the kind Shawn made when he and Riley first got married, let alone emerge with a commitment that’s stronger, a beautiful family and a love that’s even deeper. Is there any way their relationship can survive mistake number two?


Whatever Brendan wants, Brendan gets. It’s an arrangement Tracy doesn’t mind, because he provides everything she needs: love, financial security and the comfort of never having to work outside the home. But now, the most important thing she wants, he doesn’t have the time—or maybe even the will—to give. With a relationship built on giving all of herself, is it fair to now ask for a piece back?


Robyn’s career is in a growth-spurt just as Chris’ seems to be at its natural end. No longer empire-building, he’s struggling with his new reality, and the need for a sense of purpose separate from his work. His wife seems way too busy to notice. That is, until someone else does. 


Once a mistress, now just a suburban wife and working mother, Keisha doesn’t recognize herself most days. The problem is, Jayson doesn’t either. If he’s reading her right, she wants out. And unless she’s mistaken, he might not mind too much if she decided to go.

The ‘Commitment’ series finale.

Coming Soon from Nia Forrester

Enter to Win

About Nia Forrester

Nia Forrester lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA where, by day, she is an attorney working on public policy and by night, she crafts woman-centered fiction that examines the complexities of life, love and the human condition.

She welcomes feedback and email from her readers at or tweets @NiaForrester.



Coming Soon: Gabriel’s Fire by Lotchie Burton

Coming soon, as in two days soon! Gabriel’s Fire by Lotchie Burton is the second book in her romantic suspense Men of Thorne Enterprises series.


A race to save a life.

A ruthless killer.

Time is running out.

Two weeks ago, Naomi James didn’t exist. Missing for twenty years she appears out of nowhere, setting off a chain of events that rocks Gabe’s world and alters his life. Forever.

Gabriel Cummings is trained to expect the unexpected. Then, a rogue federal agent crosses his path, disrupts his life and challenges every lesson he’s ever learned. Beautiful. Defiant. Naomi ignores the rule of caution. Scouring darkened streets in search of men with darker hearts, she tracks an elite criminal and hired assassin—alone. Giving new meaning to the phrase a dangerous woman; inflaming his desire and igniting protective impulses, she pushes buttons he didn’t know he had. Trusting gut instinct and combat training; the ex-marine is determined to keep her safe whether she wants him to or not. But the odds are stacked against them. And odds are, they’re in over their heads.

Thrust into the nightmare world of human trafficking and desperate to save a young girl, Naomi resents Gabe’s intrusion. Fighting her attraction to the hot hunk she repeatedly tries to ditch the overbearing, over controlling pain in the butt ex-soldier. But Naomi needs his help. Help she’s certain will come at great personal cost. No stranger to taking chances or playing the cards she’s dealt, Naomi questions—is wagering her heart worth the risk?

When a life hangs in the balance and hours matter, she has no choice. She’s given her word. How can she put a price on a promise?

Books One and Two can be read independently of one another, but you may as well get both ’cause I’m one of those people who likes to have the whole series.


Ya know, Ms. B and I talk, and I love it when an author puts in work and comes at me with “I am very proud of the end result” and “This may be the best thing I’ve ever written”.

Oh, really now?

Get ta clickin’!

Wolves and Dragons and a Giveaway, Oh My!!!


One of my favorite authors done flipped da script and changed the game by writing a series that I never would have in a million, trillion years would’ve ever guessed she’d write. She literally disappeared from the IR/AA skreets and re-appeared looking like new money:

Rachel Jonas is her name. Paranormal/fantasy/supernatural adventure is her game.

The Lost Royals Saga is an upper YA/NA crossover. This is a tale of long-forgotten royalty and a fated love too powerful for time to erase. It’s the ideal paranormal romance for fans of urban fantasy and star-crossed love.

This series is for anyone who loves:
* Shifter Romance (Dragons and Werewolves/lycans)
* Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance
* New Adult Paranormal Romance
* Magical Powers and Supernatural Creatures
* Alternative Reality and Alternative History
* Tales of forbidden love
* Fiction involving lost princesses and fallen or ruined kingdoms


Today is the last day to purchase book one for free! Click it up! Books 2-4 are $.99.

The giveaway ends TA-DAY! Enter here for all the swag you see in the pic.

Peep the Inspiration board:

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Monday Musings: Soundtracks for Books? Yay, Nay, or IDGAF?

Books with soundtracks. These are becoming increasingly popular, and I can see why. They often set the tone and pace of the story and really offer some insight as to who these characters are. But most importantly, I think they also offer a little inside track on who the author is personally.

I know two authors off the top of my head whose soundtracks are almost a character in themselves. They disperse lyrics throughout the story to set up a scene, and I often love the bops they select. And don’t let it be a 90s jam!

But then I’ll see that one song (or two), and I’m like:

I see you, author girl, with your Spotify lists, and I thumbs-up most of ya choices.

Do y’all care for music in books? Have you ever bought a song from an author’s playlist?

Spotlight: The Sandra Kitt Collection-Volume 1

For those of you who don’t know, Sandra Kitt is the OG of interracial (BWWM) romance. She was writing about vanilla boos before it grew into a genre of it’s own. And not everybody was feeling it, either!

Three of her most popular books are now available in a box set for only $3.99! Full-length and zero cliffhangers! Howboutdat?!

The Color of Love: An artist trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, Leah Downey wants more out of life. But she plays it safe, never venturing too far from her comfort zone . . . especially not since the night she was mugged. But something about Jason Horn strikes a chord deep within her. Jason is a white, streetwise New York cop, with his own issues. He’s stunned by his instant attraction to this vibrant black woman who arouses both desire and his fiercest protective instincts.

Close Encounters: Lee Grafton is a divorced cop and the father of a teenage girl. Carol Taggart is a newly single professor. Their lives collide one night when Carol is caught in the crossfire of an undercover drug sting. Seriously wounded, she finds an unexpected friend in Lee . . . but their mutual attraction gets complicated when it’s revealed that the bullet that hit this African American woman came from this white policeman’s gun.

Between Friends: Born to a white mother and an African American father, Dallas Oliver has always felt like an outsider—even more so after her mother dies and she moves in with her father and stepmother. The one saving grace is Dallas’s friendship with a white girl named Valerie Holland. Decades later, they’re still best friends. Dallas is a journalist for a controversial magazine, and Valerie is a single mother. But their bond will be tested when they fall in love with the same man: ex–Navy Seal Alex Marco.


New Release: Sultry Nights by Suzette Riddick

Muy Caliente! That’s very hot for you monolingual folk (Like I ain’t one of ’em…)

Sultry Nights by Suzanne Riddick is the second boo in her The Night Series.


Disowned by her parents for loving the wrong man, fashion designer, Teresa Castro returns to Philadelphia to fulfill a childhood dream.

Tall, dark, and irresistible, Pierce Harrington is a forbidden temptation she can’t ignore. Teresa’s past taught her love doesn’t play fair. Though she wants to resist Pierce, it’s impossible to ignore the smoldering chemistry between them.

Former Secret Service Agent Pierce Harrington believed he found his soulmate until his ex-wife cheated. He’s given up on finding love again, until Teresa Castro.

For two years, Pierce shadows the younger sister of professional athlete, Alonzo Castro. Each day, his attraction to the Afro-Cuban beauty grows stronger. After his assignment is over, Pierce makes his move to capture Teresa’s heart.

Will old family traditions, self-doubt, and a spiteful ex-wife spoil their chance of finding love together?

Biiiiiiiiiiihhhhhh! The heroine is Afro-Latina. Here for it!!!

Be sure to check out book one, Caliente Nights, featuring Teresa’s brother Alonzo.

And don’t forget to connect with author Suzanne Riddick! She’s on Facebook and Twitter! Support!

Monday Musings: Whew, Chile, The Ghetto!

I swear sometimes that social media is why we can’t have nice things. As sophistiratchet as I am, I know when to just not say shit. Some people, however, have no couth, no sense of decorum, no gotdamn home training!

Indie authors hustle hard for their exposure and their coin, and when they make a feel-good post about their work, there’s always that one miserable reader who has to piss in the cornflakes. Now, sis, why you gon’ comment on the post and say some shit like, “Ugh, I did not like this book at all” or “When are you going to release so and so’s story?”

Look, I know how it feels to be pressed, in my feelings, and overzealous, but is it worth looking like a salty hater in front of your fellow bibliophiles? On second thought, don’t answer that.