Monday Musings: Challenging Your Review Doesn’t Make Me A Hater…

or an ass-kisser of the author.

I will admit that I have my favorite books. We all do. That being said, I will follow the reviews of said favorites to see what other readers thought. When a fellow reader equally loved the book, I’ll thumbs-up their review and vibe with them. Hell, I’ve had whole discussions in the comments about my love for the book.

I’ve made some friends “doing the most”, so I own it.

Conversely, if I see a negative review, steeped in obvious disdain for the author because you just don’t like her or a character over some petty shit (They wore wigs instead of their natural hair) then yeah, I’m ready to go W.E.B. vs. Booker T. wit yo ass. No, it ain’t that deep (see meme above), but if you’re going public with your thoughts, don’t I have the right to counter them if I disagree or ask how you came to that wack conclusion?

Yup, I’m one of them types, whatever that is. I find reviews almost as entertaining and engaging as the books themselves, so don’t be surprised if you see me pop up in ya Goodreads or Amazon reviews. I loves a good debate discussion.