Monday Musings: I Ain’t Got Time to Use My Imagination

That’s why I’m reading your book!

This is my last musings post of 2018, and dagnabbit, I’m gone talk about something that pisses me off to the highest level of pissedtivity: Enough of these vague character descriptions! If I’m halfway through your story and I still don’t know what your lead characters look like, it’s a wrap. I’m not tryna use my imagination and build some image of what I think they should look like. That’s your job as the writer—to bring every aspect of this story to life. If you can go into a two-paragraph diatribe about how flawless the apartment is with it’s fancy marble and shit, then you can give the same treatment of the characters.

I’m a visual reader. I need it all laid out for me. That’s how I make connections. That’s how I keep my head in the game. That’s how I fall in love — or hate — with a character. Why is it such a “thing” for some authors to be so non-descriptive when it comes to character identity? Who are you trying to appeal to? Who is your target audience? How are you billing your story? These are the questions I even ask of myself when I’m making a book-buying decision, so when I see a cover with some people on it, I expect the story to describe those very people in detail.

And for those who think “it ain’t that deep”, I leave you with these parting words:

Have a safe and happy new year and talk to y’all again in 2019!


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I Ain’t Got Time to Use My Imagination

  1. Funny thing is this is a comment you made to me once. I think sometimes we get so caught up with the image we have in our head we forget to put it down BUT after you said this to me I try extra hard now, even if I’m over describing. Lol

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