Monday Musings: I’m Sick of These Prideful Broads

I’ma keep this post short and sweet like they do us every Black History Month. I am sick of these prideful-ass heroines! Don’t wanna accept nobody’s help. Gotta do shit on their own to prove that they can. Will suffer and struggle because that would make the breakthrough all the more sweeter.

Authors, if y’all don’t GTFOH with that bootstrap mentality crap. I mean, I get it. It adds some dramatic effect, but damn, don’t we already suffer enough in real life? I wanna see my sistas use their resources to break through. I be screaming at my Kindle. Girl, take that man’s help if it’s gon get you to the next level. If he wanna pay your damn rent so you don’t have to work two jobs while managing a full course load, LET THAT MAN PAY YOUR DAMN RENT!

These damn struggle novels be having me in my feelings as you can see, LMAO, and yup, I deduct a star in my review if she still tripping at 50% in because Ion’t reward foolishness no matter how good the story is. Ok, rant over. I’ll holla…


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