Dear Mr. Vampire by Lolah Lace

If you’ve ever read a Lolah Lace joint, then you know she gives nary a damn when it comes to storytelling. There are no rules. She goes against the grain. She be writing some wild shit, lol. Balls To the Wall, anyone…

Anyway, Ms. Lace just dropped a new one, Dear Mr. Vampire.


Chanel Taylor had to start a new life. She didn’t have much of a choice because her old life was far too dangerous. All alone, in a brand new city she meets a mysterious stranger that fascinates and intrigues her. After the terrible disaster that was her ex-boyfriend, there’s no way Chanel should be crushing on a new man. But sometimes when you sprint out of the arms of one murderous man, you might just fall into the arms of one even more deadly.

Ok, I just realize that vamp boy is holding a bloody 🌹 😬


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