A Rich Man’s Wife by Jessica N. Watkins

First of all, this cover! Biiiiiitch!!! Gaw-jus!

Secondy, I inhale drama, messy drama specifically, like oxygen.


Law grew up in the trenches. Hustling since the age of twelve, his focus was making life better for his mother and brother. Finding intimate love was never a priority because he didn’t have many examples of that around him. Instead, he was taught to focus on getting money, not finding the one. Yet, upon seeing her, Zuri pulled something out of Law that was foreign to him. Though he had been with his girlfriend, Whitney, for a long, exhausting decade, he had never experienced a woman taking his heart so mercilessly.

In a time when Zuri’s husband had all but forgotten she existed, Law forced his way into Zuri’s path. The passion and chemistry between them were immediate. Yet, it was also strictly forbidden. Zuri’s husband, Rashaad, was not only the rich man who had saved her from poverty and recklessness; he was also the man who could destroy Law’s future if Law overstepped with his wife.

However, Rashaad himself was playing a dangerous game of infidelity that is sure to ruin Zuri for any future man if she ever finds out. For years, she endured Rashaad’s deceit and manipulation. Yet, it was a sacrifice she was more than willing to make to give her daughter a life better than she’d endured in the streets. Over the years, Zuri fought to withstand Rashaad’s disrespect. The shopping sprees, private jets, and foreign cars made that fight so much easier to win. Yet, no amount of money can prepare her for the betrayal she soon may face.

When saying “I do” twelve years ago, Zuri had no idea the drama and pain that would come with being a rich man’s wife.

A Rich Man’s Wife is an urban romance that ends in a cliffhanger. Yeah, I was a lil heated so author lady need to come tf through. Expeditiously. Click it up!


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