Without A Doubt by T. Key

I loooove discovering hidden gems, and Without A Doubt by T. Key is diamond in a mine of millennial love (no shade, but I’m sayin’…)

Yeah, I’m a lil biased ’cause romances featuring women who are 40+ are rare in these love skreets, so when I find one, I’ma hype it up. Oh, and ol’ boy is younger–bonus (’cause I’m also tied of reading about 40+ year-old-men with women in their 20s.)

Peep the synopsis then click it up:

When Rileigh Roy’s world changed a year ago, her seat on the bench, her son and self-care became her only focus. After what her husband had pulled causing their divorce, men were the furthest thing from her mind. 

Atlas James had always found himself attracted older women. His taste was a woman that was like fine wine…and had power. Something about a Black queen in power was so attractive to him. Rileigh Roy embodied Black queen effortlessly. And as her new bailiff, he got to see her in all her glory everyday. How could he not fall in love with her if given the chance. Right?

As he pushed, she pulled back at every turn. Denying what was building between them. How could she fall in love with someone twelve years younger than her? What did he have to offer her? There was no doubt he was ready to show her, but would she be open to finding out?

Without A Doubt is a quick African American romance featuring an older, professional Black woman and a younger Black man who is confident in what he brings to the table than just some good peen. Also–there are bitter and psycho exes to add just a touch enhanced drama.


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