Author Interviews

Check out all my past author interviews here. Please note that not every interview is the same although some of the questions may be. I publish exactly what the author replies, so some interviews will be shorter than others. You’ll also notice that some of these interviews read like real conversations based on responses. No favoritism here, but I’ll admit that I may fangirl on a few of these interviews.

M. Monique

Perri Forrest

Serenity King

Danyell A. Wallace

Xyla Turner

Vivian Ward

Christina C. Jones

Blue Saffire

D.A. Young

Leichelle K.

Mel Blue

Mika Jolie

Jamallah Bergman

Raven St. Pierre

Roxy Wilson

Michelle Hardin

Wanna feature or interview? Hit me up! Please know in advance that I only feature stories with a Black female lead–no sidekicks or secondary characters. She must be the queen of your story, or I will respectfully decline your request.

For interviews, you do not have to exclusively write BW fiction, but there must be a story, or three, in your bibliography. Also, know that my line of questioning will tie heavily into those works specifically.

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