New in the Decades ( A Journey of African American Romance) Series

This month’s spotlight in the Decades series features love in the ’70s. It was the decade of black power, black pride, voluminous afros, and self-recognition.

If you are new to the series, Decades spans twelve decades of black love, starting from the 1900s to present day. Each month features a new release in a new decade.

August’s Release: Election Day

Decade: 1970s


Despite legal efforts to integrate schools, black students continue to struggle with separate and unequal environments in 1970. Leo Sullivan, an ambitious mayoral candidate, seeks to close a dark chapter in Overbrook Meadows’ history, but the opposition is fierce. Falling for his campaign manager was never part of the plan. Leo and Carla must fight for their love, their safety, and the future of their beloved city.


Man, check out the burning building in the background on the cover. Yup, I’ve been one-clicking and hope you check out the series too.



True Blue by Dahlia DeWinters

True Blue (Melodies of Love Book 1)


Ellie Moore is an up-and-coming singer, who is on the cusp of superstardom. While her career is fledgling, her marriage is crumbling. It’s pretty much over, to be honest.

Before she sets out to go on this tour, Ellie goes back to the beach house she once shared with her estranged husband David to retrieve a sentimental piece of jewelry that she wants to take with her to remind her of the good times and the love she still has for this man. She faces three obstacles, though: the perfect storm (literally), an asshole manager, and the husband she still loves.

While this is a short story, it is hella deep and hella emotional. You have Ellie and David, trapped in a storm and forced to confront the issues that lead to their separation. And there are many! There is a heart-pounding confrontation and an ending that will leave you wanting more.

The best part. It’s only $.99!

Sweetly Swirled by M.L. Spann

Sweetly Swirled:

BBW heroine and hot Samoan hero wrapped in a “sweetly swirled” romance.


24-year-old Bri’s life has taken an unexpected turn and she finds herself jobless and borderline homeless, with no positive prospects for the future.

Things only get worse after a handsome jerk humiliates her because of her weight, causing her self-confidence to take a massive hit. The only bright spot in this downward spiral is going to her local coffee spot and drowning her sorrows in mugs of delicious coffee, served by an equally delicious barista, Jayce.

When he offers Bri a job in his café, naturally she pounces on the opportunity (rather than him).

Unfortunately, the position comes with strings attached: she must help him recapture the heart of his ex-girlfriend, and make him irresistible to her.

Bri agrees to help, but now she’s the one pining away after a man who’s off limits. Going after Jayce is a bad idea, but everything changes and soon the steam in Jayce’s lingering gaze is hotter than the coffee they swirl.

Disclosure: This book is a re-release of the 2014 book Swirl by the same author. The rights were reverted. If you have this book below in your TBR, I highly recommend.

Wednesday’s Word: Are Book Blogs Obsolete?

Seriously? Do people read book blogs anymore? Care about blog tours? Spotlights? Author Interviews? I feel like with all that’s going on in the world socially and politically, book blogs are at the bottom of the list.

I admittedly don’t pimp this blog like I used to because I find my engagement to be heavier on other social media platforms like Instagram (current fave) and even Facebook. I just don’t have the time (nor admittedly, the inclination) to write posts when I can post a photo and a snazzy caption and tag the bejesus out of it on other platforms and still essentially do the same thing as a blog post.

I’m just thinking out loud. In a post. Because I honestly don’t know the fate of this blog beyond 2018. On the one hand, I’m like, You’ve been doing this for four years; you can’t give up. You have a platform and some faithful readers. But on the other hand, I’m like, Girl, you half-ass running this blog when you used to be so committed to it. You need to just move on…

The more I type and the more I think about it, I’m starting to conclude that it may not be blogging itself that’s tiring but that I’ve restricted this blog to romance books. Believe it or not, I do read other genres (snort), and I’m just not feeling the way the romance industry treats black and brown authors when it comes to inclusion, awards, and recognition (I’ve tweeted and retweeted some phenomenal thoughts on this.) That’s another day, another post.

Don’t mind my rambling… I’m still looking for a therapist, so this is it for now…

New Release: Two Steps Past the Altar by Patricia A. Bridewell

Title: Two Steps Past the Altar
Genre: Genre: Inspirational Romance/Fiction  
ISBN: 978-1732130913
          Meet Patricia 
Reading and daily journal entries were the catalyst to Patricia’s first novel, Reflections of a Quiet Storm, published by an independent publisher in 2009. An avid reader, her previous published work includes two books, multiple short stories, monthly health care columns for an online magazine, and several health care articles for a local newspaper. She also enjoys reading Women’s Fiction and Romance novels, which occupy many seats on her bookshelves.
Patricia is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, she holds Adjunct Nursing Faculty positions at two universities. She is a member of the National Black Nurses Association/Council of Black Nurses – L.A., Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Black Nurses Rock, California Association of Nurse Practitioners, and International Black Writers & Artists.
Patricia’s church home is Greater Zion Church Family in Compton, CA. She considers music, reading, and prayer as the keys to relaxation and creativity, and she loves spending time with her family.
Patricia’s short story appears in the Brown Girls Books Anthology Single Mama Dating Drama, an AALBC two-time best-selling book. Two Steps Past the Altar is her third and latest novel. She is currently working on her fourth novel.
                                                About The Book
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Sasha Edmonds, is a motivated high-flyer with a stellar track record. Being the top sales representative and having a fiancé who loves her is more than she could ever imagine. Her life spins in another direction when she discovers that her mom requires a life-saving medication and her fiancé, Damien, may be cheating. Devastated, she breaks off their engagement. 
Amid healing, she becomes captivated by Wesley, a wealthy pharmaceutical businessman who may hold the cure for her mom, career, and wounded heart. Romance transforms into a love triangle, surfeit of lies, blackmail, and deception. A story of love, trust, restoration, and forgiveness.
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New Release: The Opposite of Hew by Lisa W. Tetting

The Opposite of Hew

A BWWM Novella by Lisa W. Tetting

Kay McQueen is different from the women in her family. She lives her life for her, not for a man. Though she enjoys an occasional romp with a sexy man, she is not looking for Mr. Right. Her goals in life are to build her home health care business, and to travel the world. Well, at least she has her business life together. The travel thing, not so much. That is until her favorite aunt passes away, leaving a journal with her final wishes.

As far as Kay knows, Aunt Gigi is the ultimate single girl, the life of the party, even pushing eighty years old. What she finds in Gigi’s journal causes her to rethink her position on love and marriage. She embarks on a dual purpose journey; to scatter Gigi’s ashes and to discover love. Along the way, she encounters a man named Heath who is tall, sexy, and has magical hands. His kisses set her body on fire, but when she finds out his true identity, she wants to set him on fire, literally.

Find out how Kay handles the situation and see exactly who Heath is and what it means to Kay’s family. When these two worlds collide, the outcome is explosive. Heath’s lies and deception finally catch up with him, as Kay finds that what she was looking for, she already had. Discover why Happily Ever After isn’t always what it seems.

How bomb is this cover?!

Read an excerpt here:

I allowed my alarm to blare into the room for three minutes before I begrudgingly unearthed myself from the mountain of covers on my California King. My bed is super comfy, but that’s not the reason I didn’t want to leave it. This was the most dreaded day of the year! This was the day when ALL of my family members got together, for the sole purpose of finding me a man. The McQueen family reunion!

You may think I was overreacting, but I swear, ever since I turned forty they have been coming out of the woodwork. Aunties, uncles, cousins, play cousins, brothers that I don’t have and sisters that I wish I didn’t all congregated under the guise of family, just to torture me. If I had to hear ‘Kay, when are you gonna find you a man and have some babies?’ one more time, I think I might join a convent. That would shut them up. On second thought, the nuns would probably be giving me the side eye too.

I finally made it onto my feet in a standing position and stumbled into the bathroom to take care of my business. Before the water could even heat in the shower my big sister, Tessa, was blowing up my phone. Mind you, I had a gas water heater, so the water was always hot. I should let her old melon head go to voicemail, but she will keep calling until I answer.

“Good morning Tess. What’s good?”

“What’s good? What young boy did you learn that from? You sound like your nephew when he’s talking to his friends.”

“Did you call to give me lessons on millennial phrases and culture, or was there a purpose to this call?”

I rolled my eyes and removed my toothbrush from its holder, spreading toothpaste on the bristles. I may as well brush while she ranted. There would be no way for me to get a word in edgewise. Putting the call on speaker, I placed my phone on the counter so I could groom properly without being rude.

“Eww, who pissed in your cornflakes this morning? Anywho, I just wanted to make sure you were up. You can’t be late for the festivities this year. Auntie Gigi has been asking for you since everyone arrived last night. You should have seen that woman trying to twerk. I swear, Kay, if you don’t get your act together, you will turn out just like her. Old, sad and alone, trying to shake your behind with the young folk.”

Tessa never did get along with Auntie Gigi, but she was my favorite aunt. Somehow, Tessa thought comparing me to her would be an insult, but I would love to live the kind of life Gigi had. Pushing eighty years old and could twerk? Are you kidding me? #lifegoals

My older sister made a habit of asking me when I was going to settle down and get married. That was her way of showing me that she cared, but her inquiries annoyed me. As a forty something strong African American woman I did not need a man to validate my life!  Though, if I was being honest, I definitely want one sometimes.

Available on Amazon , FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Wednesday’s Word

It’s August, y’all, and summer is winding down (Sigh…) I told you that I’d be back in August, so instead of a Monday Musing, I’m delivering a Wednesday’s Word.

And today’s word is Getcho Life!

We readers sometimes believe that authors write exclusively for us. Because we buy their book and write a glowing review, they are indebted to us. They should write what we want, when we want it, and in the direction we think the story should go.

I can speak on it because I’ve been there, so I can call out this foolishness. What many fail to realize is that writers are a special breed of human (and I mean that most respectfully). I used to think this one author was a fucking nut when she would talk about characters “speaking to her”, and the whole time, I was like, “This bish smoking that good-good…”

I had to take it all back, though, when I saw another author and then another author say basically the same thing. The characters dictate what gets written next, not what’s “due” or in many cases, overdue. I’m not even trying to get into y’alls heads because I’m sure I wouldn’t recover anytime soon.

But my point is, let these women (and men) who write be great in their own way. I know we’ve become emotionally invested in their brilliant, explosive imaginations, but damn; chill on the stalker-like tendencies. I hear about these Overzealous Olivias and Pressed Priscillas in authors’ DMs and mentions, demanding a new story  or the next installment in a series, and I’m ready to go Barbecue Becky on they asses and call the cops!

Relax, Anita Life. The book will come…


This was a satirical post, but always remember: A hit dog will holler…

New Release: Winner Takes All by D.A. Young

Ok, Kismet Cove fans, there’s a new release that is actually a new series and a spinoff of Kismet Cove. The series is called Baxter Park, and the book is called:

Winner Takes All is the story of Divina Langley and Grant Easton. If you’ve read any of the books in the Kismet Cove series, then you should be very familiar with these two. If you haven’t read any of the books in the Kismet Cove series, that’s okay too (but you should!). These two were begging for their own story because those lil interludes in the other stories were torturous teases. They weren’t even really supporting players, but their presence was so overwhelming that you had to know their backdrop.


Grant Easton is the man. He is alpha asshole to the umpteenth power, but that doesn’t phase Divina Langley one bit. She loved this fuckboy once upon a time, but too much has happened between these two. The story is a true journey of teenage love, disapproving parents, brutal breakups, ultimate revenge, and bittersweet reunions.

Winner Takes All is two stories in one (bonus!) and the ultimate lovers to enemies to lovers saga. It is available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Click it uppppppppppp!!!!