Janine: His True Alpha by Chencia C. Higgins

Janine: His True Alpha

Two words: Black Shifters

Janine was raised to be a passive and obedient wolf shifter and to always put the will of The Elders before her own—a will that she never questioned until the one day she was instructed to become the mate of a man she didn’t love, and who didn’t love her. Fed up with rules and obligations, she left everything she knew behind and headed out west. She arrived in West Texas with the expectation of getting a fresh start as a new woman with no one to answer to but herself. What she didn’t expect was to discover secrets big enough to tilt her world and people she would be willing to kill for because of them.

Langston always knew he would be the next True Alpha of his pack, but when his father died, Langston’s premature promotion had him unsure about his path. With the weight of the pack on his shoulders and a thriving urban ranching community in West Texas to oversee, the last thing on Langston’s mind is finding a mate. Of course, trouble always finds you when you’re not looking for it and in blows a woman who shakes up his pack and knocks him off his feet. Her zeal amazes him and soon the pull between them is undeniable. Will succumbing to the desires of his wolf prove to be the right move or turn out to be fruitless?


The Billionaire’s Legacy by Reese Ryan

Chile… They had me at black billionaire…

When reminiscing over the past ignites a secret night of passion between a billionaire and his childhood crush, they end up with more than just their memories of that night.

“Just for tonight.”

Until their chance reunion takes a sharp turn…toward twins.

Tech billionaire Benjamin Bennett can’t resist a steamy weekend with Sloane Sutton—his crush on her goes way back. But when he tracks her down, she’s pregnant—with twins! Now their fling needs trust to survive. Benji wants a wedding; his family claims she’s a gold digger. But Sloane won’t be bought—or married. Can they find common ground…and a shot at forever?


He swallowed her gasp in response to the sudden move, kissing her harder. Losing himself in the clash of lips and tongue and the delicious sensation of their bodies moving against each other, desperate for more contact than their clothing would permit.

He savored her intoxicating scent and relished the feel of her full breasts with their hardened peaks pressed against his chest.

She glided her fingertips down his stomach and fumbled with his belt buckle, loosening it.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” he whispered, his lips brushing her ear.

Sloane’s hands froze. Her eyes opened and her gaze had shifted from one of intense desire to one of regret.

“Hey, beautiful.” Benji traced her cheekbone with his thumb. “Did I say something wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have come here, and we shouldn’t be doing this.” She lowered her gaze.

He was seconds away from making his boyhood fantasy a reality and he’d blown it, because he couldn’t keep his stupid mouth shut.

Way to go, Benj.

“Why not?” He spoke calmly, trying to put her at ease. “We’re consenting adults.”

“I’ve known you since you were five. You’re my best friend’s little brother. I’ve introduced you as my little brother.” She shook her head, her eyes still not meeting his. “This is bad. What would Delia say? And what would your parents think?”

“My mother will never believe anyone is good enough, and my sister adores you.” Benji dropped a slow, lingering kiss on her lips.

“Because I’m her friend, who she trusts not to blow into town and screw her little brother.” She jabbed him in the gut, but her lips parted to his tongue when he kissed her again.

“You’re too young for me, Benji,” she whispered against his lips as he slid the silky, blue material down her shoulder.

He kissed the shell of her ear. “Five years mattered then. It doesn’t now.”

“I’m not looking for a relationship, Benj.” She pressed her hands to his chest, halting his movement as her gaze met his. Still, she hadn’t moved an inch. Her legs framed his as she awaited his response.

“Neither am I,” he said finally. “That doesn’t mean we can’t be together. I want you, Sloane. And I know you want me, too.” He slowly tugged the zipper down her back. The silky, cobalt blue material slid from her shoulders, giving him better access. He trailed kisses down her shoulder and across the top of her breasts, exposed by a pale pink strapless bra. “Just for tonight.”

She sucked in a deep breath and let the material slip down her arms and pool around her waist. Sloane unbuttoned his pants and inched the zipper down. The sound echoed off the solid oak floors and shiplap walls. She leaned in to kiss him. “Just for tonight.”



Playlist | Enter to Win


Reese Ryan serves up sexy, emotional romantic fiction with a cast of complex characters and a heaping side of family drama.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Reese now resides in Central North Carolina where she treads the line between being a Northerner and a damned Yankee, despite her insistence on calling soda pop. She gauges her progress by the number of “bless your lil’ hearts” she receives each week. She is currently down to two.

Past president of her local Romance Writers of America chapter and a panelist at the 2017 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Reese is an advocate for the romance genre and diversity in fiction.



New Release: The Breakup Plan by Tia Kelly

meet drew.

Drew Wilkerson is a dangerous man. Not in the physical sense. Well, yeah, technically it could be related to something physical, but he’s the type of man that could get away with the most ratchet of offenses and walk away from the incident both unscathed and with two more women fighting to give him some.

Six three. Runner’s build. Colgate megawatt smile with the charm to match. Can wear the heck out of a suit, jeans, basketball shorts… damn near anything and everything. After-hours radio voice. Hell, any time is the right time for that voice. And did I mention the brother has blue eyes? Drew says they’re hazel, but if that’s the case, it’s not the usual green-meets-brown version. When he wakes in the morning, all you see in them is a sea of crystal-blue depth. Piss him off and they remind me of steel. Whether you want to say they’re hazel, blue, gray-blue, or whatever, those bad boys are intense. Staring into them for more than five seconds will pin your ass to a wall so fast you’ll want to cosign turning over all your good credit for anything he could ask for. Although that wouldn’t be necessary.

Did I mention he’s loaded? Just dropped seven figures on his crib in Philly (and before you assume, I’m not talking about low, barely-reaching-million-dollar-status numbers, either), and that’s before the contractors were instructed to turn it into the home of his dreams.

– Avery Coleman

meet avery.

My Avery. I turn around to see her standing in the entry to my room, but she brings a smile to my face simply from the sound of her voice and the warm vanilla bean and coconut scent filling the air. She never can decide which is her favorite smell, and to be honest, I like the combination on her.

The smile on my face is there because I haven’t hugged my girl in weeks, and I’ve missed her, but it doesn’t take long for it to slip off.

“Hey.” She pauses mid-stride toward my open arms and frowns. “You okay?”

I should probably explain. I didn’t expect to see Avery looking the way she does. I’ve seen her hair in countless ways, from her usual Freddie on A Different World go-to style, to weaves, to bohemian braids hanging past her ass, to the small cornrows on the side with a mass of curls piled high on top vibe she’s going for now, so her curly ’hawk look doesn’t surprise me.

It’s seeing the roundness of her adorable caramel apple cheeks slimmed out and revealing a hint of cheekbones, making the diamond and pearl studs I gave her stand out a little more. Hell, it makes even her mouth look…

Sh*t, I don’t have time for a sexual harassment lawsuit, so I better not say. But what I can mention is the mustard tank she has on shows off shoulder blades that are more defined than the last time I saw them, when she wore a single-shoulder gown to a fundraiser a few months back.

And her waist. Jeans hug curves, but these curves aren’t hers. She still has one of those asses folks sing about, saying a beat was made for, but that’s not why I sometimes catch myself staring at her.

I do just because she’s Avery.

– Drew Wilkerson






“Drew. What are you doing in here?”

“It looked pretty chill and inviting, so I thought I’d hang out in here away from the activity.” There is some truth in that. The lounge in the ladies’ room has seating that should be in someone’s living room. Running a hand down my face, I nod toward one of the chairs. “Have a seat.”

She stands, rooted in place, drying her hands on a paper towel.

“Please,” I add.

Her heels click softly against the floor tiles as she makes her way to the deep purple velvet loveseat, where I sit on the edge, taking me back to our night in New York in the back seat of the SUV. When she takes her seat, I can see the relief on her face and have to restrain myself from massaging her feet again.


She keeps her arms folded firmly across her breasts and stares at me.

So I stare back.

I know Avery, but she’s also an open book. This whole defiant stance isn’t for me, it’s about her. Avery doesn’t trust herself right now. The longer I look at her, absorbing everything about her like I usually do, the sooner she’ll cave. She always does.

A couple of minutes later, she lowers her arms to relax her stance. Finally. Progress.

Except something happens that I didn’t expect. I cave right along with her. The confusion in her eyes, the sweetness in her face—all that sucks me in and takes me back to what we shared when I last saw her.

Our faces creep closer and closer, and without thinking, we share another kiss.

Her splayed hands across my chest push back, and abruptly our kiss ends. She fingers the edge of her mouth to clean up her lipstick and shakes her head. “You have to leave.”


“Drew, I’m getting married tomorrow. This. Us. This can’t keep happening.”


A man without a plan is a shell without purpose.
Which is why when I sat down nine years ago and put pen to paper, mapping out a ten-year plan, I meant business. Everything that could set me up for a lifetime of joy had to go down on the list, and every day, I worked my ass off to fulfill it.
Open my own sports agency. Check.
Earn first million by my thirtieth birthday. I did that a week before I turned twenty-six.
Negotiate the most lucrative contract in Major League history. Did that, too. Then went and broke my own record. (Thanks, big bro!)
I could go on, but this isn’t about bragging. It’s me admitting that in the midst of drafting something that helps shape and mold much of my success, I still made a costly mistake.
One day I realized all those entries with corresponding checkmarks are pointless if I don’t factor into the equation the most important goal of all. Avery.
Perhaps way back then I wasn’t ready to see how much my best friend of fifteen years deserved that number one spot in my life. Maybe I was blind, since the whole “settle down and get married” scenario wasn’t my thing. But now that I’m aware of the role I need her to fill in my life, there’s no such thing as letting go until I can convince her to be mine.
Her being about to marry someone else does make winning her heart a little bit dicey. But if there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I always play to win. And losing Avery is nonnegotiable.

The Breakup Plan
A Best Friends to Enemies Romance

He ruined her wedding day and he’ll do it again until she’s his.


Tia Kelly is the author of contemporary and women’s fiction. She is known for her candid way of capturing life, love and relationships… one story at a time.


Coming Soon: Gabriel’s Fire by Lotchie Burton

Coming soon, as in two days soon! Gabriel’s Fire by Lotchie Burton is the second book in her romantic suspense Men of Thorne Enterprises series.


A race to save a life.

A ruthless killer.

Time is running out.

Two weeks ago, Naomi James didn’t exist. Missing for twenty years she appears out of nowhere, setting off a chain of events that rocks Gabe’s world and alters his life. Forever.

Gabriel Cummings is trained to expect the unexpected. Then, a rogue federal agent crosses his path, disrupts his life and challenges every lesson he’s ever learned. Beautiful. Defiant. Naomi ignores the rule of caution. Scouring darkened streets in search of men with darker hearts, she tracks an elite criminal and hired assassin—alone. Giving new meaning to the phrase a dangerous woman; inflaming his desire and igniting protective impulses, she pushes buttons he didn’t know he had. Trusting gut instinct and combat training; the ex-marine is determined to keep her safe whether she wants him to or not. But the odds are stacked against them. And odds are, they’re in over their heads.

Thrust into the nightmare world of human trafficking and desperate to save a young girl, Naomi resents Gabe’s intrusion. Fighting her attraction to the hot hunk she repeatedly tries to ditch the overbearing, over controlling pain in the butt ex-soldier. But Naomi needs his help. Help she’s certain will come at great personal cost. No stranger to taking chances or playing the cards she’s dealt, Naomi questions—is wagering her heart worth the risk?

When a life hangs in the balance and hours matter, she has no choice. She’s given her word. How can she put a price on a promise?

Books One and Two can be read independently of one another, but you may as well get both ’cause I’m one of those people who likes to have the whole series.


Ya know, Ms. B and I talk, and I love it when an author puts in work and comes at me with “I am very proud of the end result” and “This may be the best thing I’ve ever written”.

Oh, really now?

Get ta clickin’!

New Release: Winner Takes All by D.A. Young

Ok, Kismet Cove fans, there’s a new release that is actually a new series and a spinoff of Kismet Cove. The series is called Baxter Park, and the book is called:

Winner Takes All is the story of Divina Langley and Grant Easton. If you’ve read any of the books in the Kismet Cove series, then you should be very familiar with these two. If you haven’t read any of the books in the Kismet Cove series, that’s okay too (but you should!). These two were begging for their own story because those lil interludes in the other stories were torturous teases. They weren’t even really supporting players, but their presence was so overwhelming that you had to know their backdrop.


Grant Easton is the man. He is alpha asshole to the umpteenth power, but that doesn’t phase Divina Langley one bit. She loved this fuckboy once upon a time, but too much has happened between these two. The story is a true journey of teenage love, disapproving parents, brutal breakups, ultimate revenge, and bittersweet reunions.

Winner Takes All is two stories in one (bonus!) and the ultimate lovers to enemies to lovers saga. It is available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Click it uppppppppppp!!!!

New from SK: The Pattels (Hawk & Raven)

The wait is over, S.K. fans! How long we been waiting for Hawk Pattel’s story?

Just kidding! (It’s only been about five 😛 )

The Pattels is a spinoff of the Sin City series by S.K. and Hawk Pattel ain’t no saint. Hell, he makes sinners look like saints. Hawk is a bad mutha—



Assistant District Attorney Raven Randolph (I can’t stand her ass, BTW!) is determined to take down one of the most powerful crime families on the East Coast. The Pattels are an organization that has their hand on the pulse of underworld corruption. Almost any criminal act the authorities can name, the Pattels have committed them. Masters at keeping their illegal activities intricately hidden, the DA’s office has never been able to make charges stick. Raven plans to change that. However, she didn’t count on Hawk Pattel and her heart getting in the way.

The world has always been Hawk’s playground but with Assistant District Attorney Raven Randolph, he’s ready to put away childish things. In the beginning, he planned to sleep with Raven in order to manipulate her as he’s done with countless women before–especially since she’s coming after his family with both barrels loaded. It doesn’t take long to realize there’s something between them that goes deeper than just a physical attraction.

Hawk and Raven together equals a recipe for disaster. Yet, there’s always been a thing between them they just can’t ignore. Can two people from vastly different worlds find a way to breach the challenges that face them in order to be together? Or will the lies and betrayal that are revealed be too great to forgive–or forget.

Hawk & Raven is book 1 in the Pattel series. I’m bookmarking all the intimate scenes, BTW, ’cause sis be writing some bomb ass love scenes.


Flashback Friday: Angel’s Wrath by SK

This week’s flashback is the story one of my all-time favorite heroes: Angel LaCroix. He’s an asshole. He’s sexy af. He’s ruthless. He’s a gangster. He’s misunderstood. Not. What this dude is is the truth!

I remember when this book dropped back in 2012, there was all this drama about “Why this author infiltrating this series with this white boy?” Chile, bye. He only white on the outside, lol. Angel is a brotha-believe that. And not an “honorary” one. Don’t let outward appearances get you fucked up…

Anyway, although Angel’s Wrath is the fourth book in SK’s wildly popular Sin City series, it can be read as a standalone for all my IR fans. This green-eyed bandit takes no prisoners when it comes to his — his business, his family, his woman. He is alpha on acid, and this story just had me hooked from the first chapter.

Regardless of your “preferred” genre, this story is fire. I highly recommend it and the other stories in the series. There are seven altogether and worth the small investment.


New Release: Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love

Anybody who knows me in these literary skreets knows that I got my blogging start by profiling interracial romance stories exclusively. Back in the day, it was new and different, and no author, black, white, or other really dared to write exclusively about black women finding love with men of other races and ethnicities.

Fast forward to 2017 and GLORAYYYYYYYY!!! IR romance is no longer just a footnote or a minor category in romance writing. Well, let the haters tell it… IR romance is lit! Literally. Black women have options. Our love is no longer confined to one type of man. We’ve got entire series, and anthologies, and box sets dedicated just for black women who shoot their shots and hit their targets with a rainbow of men across the color and ethnic spectrum.

Breaking Bad is the latest anthology that pairs sexy sistas with the bad boys who want and ultimately love them. Each story is unique in its own right, but the common theme is a testosterone fest of Alphalicious. These men are hard, tough, and sometimes broken but always charming, irresistible, and oh-so-bad.

I was afforded the opportunity to preview a few stories in the anthology (And yes, I also pre-ordered. I want my sistas to get their coins) and from just the few stories that I’ve read so far, Breaking Bad lives up to its title. Each story is novella-length, so you can read one or two or all of em , if you’re so inclined, when you are short or long on time. (I have a sneaking feeling we haven’t seen the last of these stories and that a few of these may be expanded to full-length. I ain’t mad…)

Disclaimer: I know the authors of this box set were expecting a “review”, but in all fairness, I want you to experience these stories for yourselves. I will say that what you know and love from your favorite authors in this box set, you can expect more of the same.

New Release: Safe Space by Tiffany Patterson

You ever get a sample of a book, and the story immediately grabs you like

I’ve heard of author Tiffany Patterson in these literary skreets, but I’ve never read her books — until now (Well, I copped it; haven’t actually read it — yet.) What grabbed me wasn’t the blurb, but the sample. Well, the blurb prompted me to read the sample, which prompted me to click. I love prim and proper mixed with a lil sophistiratchet. I think it’s in my DNA.

Safe Space is a friends-to-lovers romance. You know, the lil sister and her brother’s BFF typa romance. The story begins with Chanel Richards moving back home to Houston, TX after ending her engagement to her abusive, fuckboy fiance Ethan (I’m telling you, he woulda caught a brick in his sleep…).

Chanel is a practicing attorney and is basically trying to pick up the pieces, but she’s pleasantly distracted by her brother’s BF Xavier Grant. Xavier is handling business, living life…until Chanel re-enters the picture, and lil sis is now all grown up — and available. As Xavier and Chanel try to make a love connection, people and things get in the way (It wouldn’t be a romance if they didn’t.)

Love will not be denied. No brother, no father, no case will keep X man from his woman. Except maybe the woman herself.

Safe Space is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Flashback Friday: The Blacker The Berry by Lena Matthews

Y’all! The Blacker The Berry by Lena Matthews was one of the very first interracial romances that I’d ever read. I didn’t even know IR romance was a “thing” in terms of romantic fiction at that time. I first got this book in paperback waaaay back in 2008 from that African American book club that escapes my mind at the moment. Remember back in the day (I’m dating myself…) when you could get, like, ten books for a penny, but then you’d have to commit to buying five at regular price over a three-year period or something crazy like that? Yeah, I joined the black version of that lmao!

So, TBTB is actually book two of Matthews’s Wild, Wild West series. Tamara is a plus-size (another first for me in reading any romance at that time) photographer whose best friend, Charlotte, is days away from giving birth to her first child (You can read Charlotte and Ty’s story here). Tam lives in the big city, so she really doesn’t have a need for a car. Ty suggests that his boy Russell and her drive down together since they’ll be the godparents and what’s the harm in the two getting to know each other in the process?


Talk about oil and water! These two are a hot mess! They are the epitome of opposites attracting. Aside from the obvious racial difference, there’s the real cultural differences. He’s a conservative-ish city slicker lawyer but a country boy at heart. She’s a free spirit with an eff you, I’ma do me attitude. Russell wasn’t ready for Tam. Tam isn’t the stereotypical, “sassy”, “brash”, “neck-rolling” black woman. Nah…I rebuke that. What she is is a black woman who don’t take no shit and speaks her mind, even if it is to mask some pain and insecurities that she has. And to have this handsome asshole like her even a little bit, is a lil unsettling for her.

So, yeah…I liked this one. Definitely one to add to the TBR fo’ sho’! Happy weekend, peeps ❤