Flashback Friday: Mina’s Joint by Keisha Ervin

You know, I hardly feature any urban fiction, trap fiction, hood reads, whatever you wanna call it on this blog. Not because I’m an uppity negress blogger. Don’t get it twisted; I read a lot of trap fiction. But this is a romance blog at its core, and a lot of the “romance” in urban fiction is rooted in the life of a trapper, which is more often than not rooted in romance that is centered in having side pieces and multiple baby mamas and all that. This blog ain’t about that life, though.

With all that being said, there is one story in particular that I loved since I clicked it up way back in 2011, and it’s Mina’s Joint by the queen of sophistiratchet hood love, Keisha Ervin.

Mina Matthews got it going on: She’s a twenty-five year old boss. Mina owns her own hair salon, drives the latest whip, and is engaged to the son of the mayor of St. Louis. Her life is envious, right? WRONG! Especially when the man you’re about to marry is a psychotic monster.

Enter Victor Gonzalez: former flame and international trap king. Victor is the boss of bosses and foine af! Oh, he and Mina also have history that’s about to turn both of their worlds upside down. While Mina and Victor get reacquainted, there’s one thing, rather, person, standing in their way: Psycho Andy, Mina’s deranged fiancé.

Yes, this story has some trap elements in it, obviously, but at the heart of it is a romance with a surprise twist at the end. But there are hella funny moments, especially with Mina’s mother Rita. Blac Chyna’s mother ain’t got nothing on Rita Matthews LMFAO! Oh, and there’s a sequel, Mina’s Joint 2. If you’ve always been “curious” about urban fiction but just didn’t want to go there because of the violence, ratchetness, and all the other “unsavory” elements, Mina’s Joint is mild in comparison and worth consideration.


Meet The Author: L. S. Bergman

I’ve met someone new in these literary skreets, and her name is L.S. Bergman!

Harpo, who dis?

L.S. Bergman is a Caribbean writer of women centered romantic fiction. Liz’s writing cuts across multiple genres, from historical to urban contemporary and poetry, with a focus upon different cultural blends and romantic possibilities.

Ahhh…the possibilities….

As you can see, Ms. B. writes errthang, and her books are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Check em out! And I love these book covers…

Connect with author L.S. Bergman today and discover a new fave 🙂

Monday Musings: Talking Books Are Not For Me

Trust me, I have tried. And I’ve tried, but when I listen to an audiobook, after ten minutes, it becomes

I know many of you love audiobooks because I’ve seen you gushing over them on Twitter and Facebook. “Oh, they’re so convenient.” “I listen to them on my commute to work.” “I clean the house while listening to my audiobook.” “It’s hands-free ‘reading’.” Ok, sold, dammit! Y’all legit had a sista wet wanting to get her hands on some audiobooks, so I goes to Amazon and immediately sign up for Audible at the insane price of $14.99 a month.

Initially, I thought the $14.99 a month was a “subscription” service, like Kindle Unlimited, where you can listen to so many books at a time like K.U., but nooooooooooo. That $14.99 month earns you one credit that can be used toward the purchase of an audiobook. Hol’ up! One book?! Son! They got me all the way fucked up, but you know what? I sign up anyway because I know my friends won’t steer me wrong.

I’m on Audible, and for some reason, I am immediately overwhelmed. I don’t know why when I can easily handle an Amazon page filled with book suggestions with my eyes closed, one arm tied behind my back, and three fingers bound together with duct tape. What do I choose? Well, let me tell you: The romance category unequivocally sucks monkey balls! Ain’t hardly none of my faves have audiobooks available, and the ones who do, I’ve either already read the actual book or don’t have ones I’m interested in listening to. So, I decide to check out some self-enhancement books.

I got through a little less than half of it. Nooooope.

Five months, five credits, and seventy-five dollars later …

Yeah, I’m done.

I honestly tried. To the tune of $75.00, I tried. It’s just not for me. One, I’m a wordsmith, not a listenersmith. Two, I am the most easily distracted person on the planet. Unlike music, which is melodious and soothing, listening to a talker in my ears is like listening to the annoying buzz of an insect, no matter how entertaining the story may be. I literally began swatting at my ears after so long. It becomes an “audible” nuisance. This is why I can’t get into podcasts either (Although, I’m forcing myself because there are a few that I really want to listen to.)

So, all my audiobook junkies, what is the secret? Do I need to change my mindset, or is it just one of those either you is or you ain’t typa deals?

Friday Flashback: Nappily Ever After by Trisha R. Thomas

This week’s flashback features the first book in a now nine-story series (so far). It was revolutionary in that our hair was as central to the storyline as the characters themselves, and I am talking about none other than…

It the title doesn’t give it away, I don’t know what does. Nappily Ever After is the tale of a Gen-Xer who finds self-liberation after letting go of the man who defined how she viewed herself and the idea of a perfect life and the long, luxurious mane that defined how other people saw her.

Venus Johnston had it all: dream job, gorgeous home, hair to die for, and the man of her dreams. Now, you know good and well that if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is. Clint turns out to be nothing more than a fuckboy with a medical degree and Venus gives new meaning to the phrase “Short hair, don’t care”.

What I love about this story is it addressed so many of the things I was personally experiencing at that time, way back in 2001 when this story was first published. I was in a dead-end relationship and I let my hair define my idea of beauty. While I had just begun transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, I still wore straight-haired wigs because I wasn’t ready to embrace the “natural me” then. Venus was brave in her decision to chop off her Barbie-like mane and wear a short natural. She was even braver to let go of a man who was safe and comfortable but wouldn’t commit to her in a more permanent manner.

Nappily Ever After is told with candid hilarity. I think we all have a little Venus in us, and we all know a Clint. Or two…

Steals N Deals: Click Em Now!

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New Release: Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love

Anybody who knows me in these literary skreets knows that I got my blogging start by profiling interracial romance stories exclusively. Back in the day, it was new and different, and no author, black, white, or other really dared to write exclusively about black women finding love with men of other races and ethnicities.

Fast forward to 2017 and GLORAYYYYYYYY!!! IR romance is no longer just a footnote or a minor category in romance writing. Well, let the haters tell it… IR romance is lit! Literally. Black women have options. Our love is no longer confined to one type of man. We’ve got entire series, and anthologies, and box sets dedicated just for black women who shoot their shots and hit their targets with a rainbow of men across the color and ethnic spectrum.

Breaking Bad is the latest anthology that pairs sexy sistas with the bad boys who want and ultimately love them. Each story is unique in its own right, but the common theme is a testosterone fest of Alphalicious. These men are hard, tough, and sometimes broken but always charming, irresistible, and oh-so-bad.

I was afforded the opportunity to preview a few stories in the anthology (And yes, I also pre-ordered. I want my sistas to get their coins) and from just the few stories that I’ve read so far, Breaking Bad lives up to its title. Each story is novella-length, so you can read one or two or all of em , if you’re so inclined, when you are short or long on time. (I have a sneaking feeling we haven’t seen the last of these stories and that a few of these may be expanded to full-length. I ain’t mad…)

Disclaimer: I know the authors of this box set were expecting a “review”, but in all fairness, I want you to experience these stories for yourselves. I will say that what you know and love from your favorite authors in this box set, you can expect more of the same.

Monday Musings: Authors, Do You Boo

Authors, when you get a review, an email, a DM, a social media comment that tells you in no uncertain terms that “They hated it”, “They didn’t get it”, “Who wrote this”?, “They felt you were doing the most” without putting any of their feelings into context, then you have accomplished your mission. You got em shook. You did that!

I’ve been in these literary skreets (TM pending. Not really…but I should) long enough to know an author’s “style” or m.o., and when they switch the game up, some readers just can’t handle it. This is the face I always picture they have after reading when I read some of their comments:

Now, I’m not saying some stories aren’t worth Aunt Brenda’s legendary cringe. I’m referring specifically to the ones that just hate in their reviews because they don’t understand or get it. I know y’all be pissed when you get those 1- and 2-star reviews because a reader gets in their feelings. Y’all gotta let that ish go. I know it’s hard, but I’m here to tell you:


Flashback Friday: Every Breath You Take by Eve Vaughn

Two words for this week’s flashback: Mind fuck. Eve Vaughn was on some different shit before it became cool or revolutionary. Every Breath You Take was published way back in 2005. 2-0-0-5!

Okay, so here is the Cliff Notes version:

Derrick, a brutha, is viciously murdered, and his wife eventually becomes engaged to his killer (unbeknownst to her, of course). Derrick ain’t having that. His killer laid up with his woman? And his kids? Hell nah, bruh…

So, he strikes a deal with the angel council or whatever they’re called to come back to Earth to save his wife and kids, but you know they won’t make it that easy. He is dead, after all. He can go back, but there’s a catch. Or two.

Enter Matt Collins. Father of Derrick’s son’s friend. Matt becomes wildly attracted to Derrick’s widow Brandi and she’s feeling him too, but see, the problem is Brandi is engage to ol’ killa man. See, he’s a good dude on the outside — loving, attentive, all that good stuff, but Matt knows he ain’t shit. The dilemma is…Matt is Derrick! And no, I am not giving the story away! You can read the blurb on Amazon, and it’ll tell you the same thing, so chill!

It would’ve been cool for us to not find this out until we read because that ish is wild. Brandi didn’t mess with no white dudes before and Derrick sure wasn’t trying to come back as one, but this joint kept me on the edge of my seat to the end. Click it up!

New Release: Born TO Be Wild by Chicki Brown

This week’s spotlight comes from an author I’ve seen in Facebook town but never personally encountered in these literary skreets until we made acquaintances at my pied-a-terre aka my Facebook page. Chicki Brown is her name. African American romance is her game. And her latest is called Born To Be Wild: Book One in The Lake Series


Born To Be Wild is the story of opposites attracting. Tangela is a quiet, introverted bookworm — HOL’ UP! — who lives in the small town of BF  Eufaula, Alabama. She owns her own bookstore (What a dream!) and is dating a safe but boring dude who does nothing to light her fire (Been there, done that…) Tangie needs some stimulation in more ways than one.

Enter Reese Turner. Black. Biker. Babe. Ain’t even read the book and he can come to mama…

Reese is just breaking up with his supermodel girlfriend, Tyra Stanks, and he’s hardly looking for a new love, but don’t sleep on us quiet types. Tangie got Reese shook from the jump but can they make it work? Will their differences play a factor? Is Tangie’s man a factor? Sounds like drama to me.

Check it out and add to your TBR!

Monday Musing: A Lil Bidness Advice

Monday Musings III

This is NOT a callout post. This is a word to the wise post.

Authors and bloggers: DO NOT use celebrities and/or public figures on your book covers or promotional materials without expressed written consent. You are violating all kinds of copyrights, and you can be sued because of it.

I admit, I have been guilty of this in the past, but I learned my lesson when I received a nicety email one day (I won’t go into the sordid details, but let’s just say, it was a sobering experience.) insisting requesting I remove an image that I used in a blog post. And if you’re creating your vision boards on Pinterest, be mindful. I’ve had images of mine removed because they were copyrighted. I’m just sayin…

          Image Cred: CreateHer Stock

I now use stock photos from depositphotos or CreateHer Stock for all my lil promos. And if you write characters of color, there’s a new stock photo site called Pic Noi.  I’m sure there are other reputable, affordable solutions and please share in the comments. Don’t get caught in these literary skreets using a celebrity’s likeness to pimp yo next masterpiece.