A Trillion To One by Chenell Parker

Chenell Parker is one of my favorite urban authors. Sis leaves no stone upturned, ya feel me? She writes these deliciously messy, engrossing, plot-twisty, hood sagas, and this chick got me staying up way past my bed time ’cause I just gotta read another chapter.

Well, imagine my surprise when I started reading A Trillion To One. Not only is it all of the above, but it is also IR.

I love when an author shocks the shit out of me by giving me something I I wasn’t expecting. And even better is Trillion (yeah, chile, that’s his name lol) isn’t some wigga trying to fit in. He just does. He doesn’t act, talk, or carry himself like some poser, so I wasn’t cringing the entire time.

Peep the synopsis (may contain triggers) then click it up.

They say the toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers so I must be made of Graphene. Growing up in Mississippi with the bare minimum was nothing compared to my life in New Orleans. Aside from my drug addicted mother trying to sell my virginity for crack, and having no one to depend on but me, I ended up in a relationship with the devil himself. Vaughn seemed like any woman’s dream man in the beginning of our relationship but it didn’t take very long for Viper to show up. With no money and no place to go, I had to endure years of cheating and beatings. I didn’t think that things could get any worse but, boy, was I proven wrong.

When the police kicked down our door and took us both to jail, all hope was lost, along with my faith in the system. The dark clouds of life just kept following me around and I was tired of being rained on. I was always told that there was something better out there for me and, thank God, somebody’s prayers for me were finally being answered. I swore that I was done with love and relationships but fate had other plans for me. It’s not easy to find a man to love you through your pain. A man who loves you, flaws and all. A man who always puts you first. But I did. Me, Amore, or “his Love”, as he always called me. What are the odds of finding a man who’s not what you want but turns out to be everything that you need? I’ve never been a gambling woman but even I know that the odds of that happening are a trillion to one.

Without A Doubt by T. Key

I loooove discovering hidden gems, and Without A Doubt by T. Key is diamond in a mine of millennial love (no shade, but I’m sayin’…)

Yeah, I’m a lil biased ’cause romances featuring women who are 40+ are rare in these love skreets, so when I find one, I’ma hype it up. Oh, and ol’ boy is younger–bonus (’cause I’m also tied of reading about 40+ year-old-men with women in their 20s.)

Peep the synopsis then click it up:

When Rileigh Roy’s world changed a year ago, her seat on the bench, her son and self-care became her only focus. After what her husband had pulled causing their divorce, men were the furthest thing from her mind. 

Atlas James had always found himself attracted older women. His taste was a woman that was like fine wine…and had power. Something about a Black queen in power was so attractive to him. Rileigh Roy embodied Black queen effortlessly. And as her new bailiff, he got to see her in all her glory everyday. How could he not fall in love with her if given the chance. Right?

As he pushed, she pulled back at every turn. Denying what was building between them. How could she fall in love with someone twelve years younger than her? What did he have to offer her? There was no doubt he was ready to show her, but would she be open to finding out?

Without A Doubt is a quick African American romance featuring an older, professional Black woman and a younger Black man who is confident in what he brings to the table than just some good peen. Also–there are bitter and psycho exes to add just a touch enhanced drama.

It Started With a List by Tinia Montford

How cute is this cover? Very!

Tinia Montford is a new author on the scene, and It Started With a Kiss is her debut. Read the synopsis then go show her some love!



Time’s up for Vassa Blackwell. 

With her college graduation looming, Vassa reflects on the past four years. Man, she is mega disappointed. No wacky misadventures, no drunken nights, and no regrettable mistakes you can NEVER tell your parents. Work and class, Class and work. That’s it. College is suppose to be the best years of one’s life… Right?

Vassa feels as though she’s cheated herself out of a full college experience. Notably with romance and boys and stuff. So, she makes a college bucket list. Then the worse thing ever happens.

Her list falls into the hands of Lazarus Gilbert. King of the baseball team, sworn enemy (in her opinion), and her annoying upstairs neighbor. He thinks he’s found something fun to do. She thinks she’s in trouble. With the pressures of post-college decisions and failing classes looming, can they complete the bucket list before the semester runs out? Are Vassa and Lazarus just too different to get along? Or will Vassa learn to live and let live, and let love enter her heart?

It Started With a Kiss is a new adult, opposites attract romance set in a fictional college setting.

A Rich Man’s Wife by Jessica N. Watkins

First of all, this cover! Biiiiiitch!!! Gaw-jus!

Secondy, I inhale drama, messy drama specifically, like oxygen.


Law grew up in the trenches. Hustling since the age of twelve, his focus was making life better for his mother and brother. Finding intimate love was never a priority because he didn’t have many examples of that around him. Instead, he was taught to focus on getting money, not finding the one. Yet, upon seeing her, Zuri pulled something out of Law that was foreign to him. Though he had been with his girlfriend, Whitney, for a long, exhausting decade, he had never experienced a woman taking his heart so mercilessly.

In a time when Zuri’s husband had all but forgotten she existed, Law forced his way into Zuri’s path. The passion and chemistry between them were immediate. Yet, it was also strictly forbidden. Zuri’s husband, Rashaad, was not only the rich man who had saved her from poverty and recklessness; he was also the man who could destroy Law’s future if Law overstepped with his wife.

However, Rashaad himself was playing a dangerous game of infidelity that is sure to ruin Zuri for any future man if she ever finds out. For years, she endured Rashaad’s deceit and manipulation. Yet, it was a sacrifice she was more than willing to make to give her daughter a life better than she’d endured in the streets. Over the years, Zuri fought to withstand Rashaad’s disrespect. The shopping sprees, private jets, and foreign cars made that fight so much easier to win. Yet, no amount of money can prepare her for the betrayal she soon may face.

When saying “I do” twelve years ago, Zuri had no idea the drama and pain that would come with being a rich man’s wife.

A Rich Man’s Wife is an urban romance that ends in a cliffhanger. Yeah, I was a lil heated so author lady need to come tf through. Expeditiously. Click it up!

Dear Mr. Vampire by Lolah Lace

If you’ve ever read a Lolah Lace joint, then you know she gives nary a damn when it comes to storytelling. There are no rules. She goes against the grain. She be writing some wild shit, lol. Balls To the Wall, anyone…

Anyway, Ms. Lace just dropped a new one, Dear Mr. Vampire.


Chanel Taylor had to start a new life. She didn’t have much of a choice because her old life was far too dangerous. All alone, in a brand new city she meets a mysterious stranger that fascinates and intrigues her. After the terrible disaster that was her ex-boyfriend, there’s no way Chanel should be crushing on a new man. But sometimes when you sprint out of the arms of one murderous man, you might just fall into the arms of one even more deadly.

Ok, I just realize that vamp boy is holding a bloody 🌹 😬

Monday Musings: I’m Sick of These Prideful Broads

I’ma keep this post short and sweet like they do us every Black History Month. I am sick of these prideful-ass heroines! Don’t wanna accept nobody’s help. Gotta do shit on their own to prove that they can. Will suffer and struggle because that would make the breakthrough all the more sweeter.

Authors, if y’all don’t GTFOH with that bootstrap mentality crap. I mean, I get it. It adds some dramatic effect, but damn, don’t we already suffer enough in real life? I wanna see my sistas use their resources to break through. I be screaming at my Kindle. Girl, take that man’s help if it’s gon get you to the next level. If he wanna pay your damn rent so you don’t have to work two jobs while managing a full course load, LET THAT MAN PAY YOUR DAMN RENT!

These damn struggle novels be having me in my feelings as you can see, LMAO, and yup, I deduct a star in my review if she still tripping at 50% in because Ion’t reward foolishness no matter how good the story is. Ok, rant over. I’ll holla…

Tempted by Danger by Endiya Carter

You know how you be looking for one book but you stumble upon another that has you more interested than the book you were originally looking for? Yeah, this is one of them books.

I’m not even gon’ post the synopsis cause that joint is just one of them I’m gon give you the basics then you decide if you gon read it or not. Ok, author…So, ya girl had to dig in through the reviews to get a clue. And here we are…

Tempted by Danger is an African-American romance featuring a family dynasty, a bad boy alpha, a seemingly innocent heroine who just blows you away as you delve into the story, and BDSM. That last element gave me the 0_0 because Black couples and bondage are few and far between in these romance skreets.

His Peace Her Storm

It’s Coming to America meets Belly meets Married at First Sight.


Even with being an African princess, that doesn’t mean that life is easy for Aurora. When her sister manages to disrupt the destiny assigned to her, Aurora is left being the one to pick up the pieces. Before she can register what is happening, she finds herself being whisked off to America to secure her family’s future, whether she wants to or not.

Landon has life figured out for the most part, but when his father digs a hole that he cannot get out of, Landon is required to fulfill a debt that isn’t his own. Being arranged to marry a stranger, sight unseen, has Landon ready to cut his father off for good. But, he’s the only parent he has, so how can he?

Landon and Aurora are thrown together in a whirlwind romance that neither one of them saw coming, and have to learn to navigate what has the potential to either be a disaster, or a match made in Heaven.

Tests and trials come along while they try to get used to being in one another’s space. As time goes on, will Landon and Aurora realize that their fates were destined to intertwine?

I Could Fall in Love is an urban romance with some gritty elements, but at the heart is a love story–don’t get it twisted.

I Could Fall in Love by Kimberly Brown

Maaan, I loves me a marriage of convenience-turned-true-love romance. The build-up be having a sista ready to combust!


Lavish Chamberlain has lived a life of hurt and disappointment. From birth, she couldn’t remember ever experiencing genuine love from another person. A child of the system, she thought that she had finally found love, happiness, and a sense of family when she married Keith Chamberlain. But the life she shared with him was anything but the fairytale ending she had longed for.

Fresh out of her divorce, she travels to New Orleans to celebrate, even with the impending doom that she would have nothing when she returned. Her life changes drastically, the night she meets Mitchell Keonig, a wealthy bachelor who presents her with the offer of a lifetime.

Mitchell Keonig has lived a life of privilege. His father is a world renowned technical genius worth billions of dollars. Even with all of his riches, his father had remained a humble man, something he tried to instill in his son. Forever the showoff and ladies’ man, Mitchell lived life by his own rules and without regrets. When his father threatens to cut him off, Mitchell takes drastic matters to ensure this doesn’t happen.

He meets Lavish Chamberlain, and his world is turned upside down. Will the man who once only cared about himself be able to ward off her beauty for the sake of going through with his plan?

I Could Fall in Love is an African-American romance. PS–I love how we give our characters names that only we would. Lavish? C’mon, y’all! Click it up!

Valentine’s Day With a Real One

Tol’ y’all I be saving books for special occasions, and if you love holiday romances like I do, then I’ve gotta two-fer for ya. I read Xmas With A Real One by Tay Mo’Nae way back in December, and when I saw that there was a sequel for V-Day, I was like, Yeah booooy!!!

This one’s a quickie–at least to me. Anything under 100 pages is a shortie. I do recommend reading Xmas With A Real One first because Valentine’s Day With A Real One is the follow-up. These are urban romances but not thugged-out hood (Oh, I got some of those, too, so don’t trip.)

We first meet Jacobi and Giselle in Xmas With A Real One. These two are no strangers. Jacobi’s brother and Giselle’s BFF are newly married and expecting their first child. Giselle gets caught up in some workplace drama and loses her job. As a Result, she has no income, so she decides to visit her girl for the holidays to get away, clear her mind, and plan her next move.

Jacobi is fresh out of prison after doing a bid for a justified crime (my words not the author’s). He’s a hothead, not just from serving time but from the choices he made throughout his life. This time, he’s determined to get his shit together. When he runs into Giselle at his brother’s house, they play that I can’t stand yo ass game, but deep down, they feeling each other on the low. Y’all know how that goes.

Valentine’s Day With a Real One picks right up where Xmas leaves off. Jacobi and Giselle are now a couple but everything still ain’t gravy, but they are on track. After reading book one, you should know that these two would have some lingering drama. They both got issues…but they get there.