Monday Musings: It’s Cuffing Season!

Howdy do?! It’s been a minute, and I regret nothing…Actually, if you follow me on Instagram (not-so-shameless-plug), then you know I’m still in these literary skreets, doing what I do…

As the temps drop here in the DMV (That’ DC/MD/VA for you unknowing folk), I cuff, not with a significant other but with something less annoying and totally inanimate: my Kindle! Don’t you feel sorry for me. I’m good, yo. I can cuddle up with a new dude every night without an ounce of guilt (teehee…)

My Kindle is locked, stocked, and loaded, and this is only the beginning! There are new titles dropping almost every week from my faves, and I am too psyched. I am sufficiently budgeted for purchases. Now, if I can only budget some time to cuddle up and actually read.




Monday Musings: About Me

I often get inquiries to review a story (I’m like, have you read the fine print? But I get it; you see a book blog and an opportunity…) Anyway, I’m saying all that to say that while I write “reviews”, I consider them anything but. I’ve always been of the mindset, “Who gives a shit if I liked or hated something?” Will that really influence you either way? If you say “I loved it” and I trust you, I’m gonna read it. If you say “I hated it”, regardless of who you are, I’m most likely gonna want to read it just to see why you hatin’. So… with that being said:

In conclusion, follow my dusty YouTube channel. I’m resurrecting that sumbugger because I’ve been doing a lot of reading, but I ain’t been talking or writing about it, and I’m feeling jiggy with my thoughts.

Now, if you want me to read your book and get jiggy with my thoughts, I’ll do it. But you can’t be all “If you don’t like it, don’t review it…” Nope. Don’t work that way…

Be back soon-ish…

Monday Musings: Finding The Romance In Everything

Hello, friends! I am feeling better, so when you’re having those pockets of feel-good, you’d better take advantage of it because an hour later? Fuggetaboutit!

I have to be honest with you. As much as I love blogging and talking ish, I am a lazy blogger. For one, there is no compensation in it for me. It’s like volunteering. I do it to feel good and to brighten up an author’s day when they want some shine for that new release.  And two, I get bored very easily (I truly think I have a mild form of Adult ADD).

Anyway, I’m saying all of this to say that while I love blogging about books and authors, it’s no longer enough for me. I find romance in many other things—when some random dude in the grocery store says hello, my ridiculous candle collection (Have you ever lit—I was about to say “litten” lmao— ten glass jar candles at once? Swoon…), my lily plant…

The freaking point is, I find elements of romance in the everyday. So… look for me to incorporate some of my everyday into future posts. It’ll still be about books and authors and romance, but I want to share more of what I find romantic into the books and spotlights featured here.

Join me, will you?

Monday Musings: Reading Is A Form Of Self Care

Ok, so, I’m sorta kinda back  but not really. What was supposed to be a two-week hiatus has turned into a month. Like you care, but I feel the need to explain because I do have some loyal readers and some new followers since I’ve been gone (Bish, whet?!)

My mind has been a literal garbage bag overflowing with thoughts and ideas with no viable means of execution. When I become overwhelmed, I literally shut down. I can’t think, let alone blog or be social media social (Does that make sense?) I’ve indefinitely dipped from Facebook and Twitter as I regroup and refocus both personally and professionally. And to top it all off, I develop carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist, which also happens to be my dominant hand.  This has been years in the making and only makes my triumphant return to social media a dud and delayed as I mentally process what this all means. This pain ain’t no joke, and I don’t think you (myself included) realize how challenging it is to give it a rest, especially when your livelihood depends on the use of both hands.

So, what does reading has to do with the price of eggs (as my mother used to always say when two things seemingly have nothing to do with one another…)? As I contemplate my next moves and begin this massive brain dump, I bide my time and ease my troubles by reading. Before, reading was a pleasurable escape. Now, reading is a necessary escape. And I can actually swipe with my left hand (which has seen more activity in the last few weeks than ever!) to relieve some of the pressure from my right.

To the authors I’ve been in contact with to do spotlights, tours, etc., I apologize in advance. I will still honor my commitments, but there will be a delay now, obviously. I. Gotchu.

Are you on Instagram? Look me up @musingsrj. It doesn’t take much for me to upload a pic and a few words as it does for me to type out a blog post.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be rehabbin’ and readin’. Talk to y’all soon ❤



New Release: The Light: City of Sin by Savannah J. Frierson

Savannah J. is back with a new release, and this one has futuristic, paranormal edge to it. Okay, this is new…figuratively speaking…

Angels and demons and clairvoyance play prominently in this story set in Las Vegas.


Aminata “Amie” Fisher usually knows better than to go haring off in the middle of the night chasing after a nightmare, but she figures she is getting the dreams for a reason. A blind woman scouring the streets of Las Vegas to stop a daemon is a recipe for nothing but Bad Things to happen, and boy, do they start happening quickly. Yet in a flash of bright light, Amie is suddenly in the arms of an angel that she prays will never let her go.

Dominion angel Jaie has one task and one task only: Bring a soul-snatching daemon to heel. Jaie understands Amie is key to doing this, but he also recognizes enlisting her leaves her vulnerable to the daemon who would use her burgeoning powers as a djinni for ill. And as he grows to know Amie, Jaie can’t have that potential fate for her on his conscience, or on his heart.

With the truth of her lineage and her powers brought to the light, Amie is thrust into the battle of a lifetime. And as an impossible choice looms before them, Jaie realizes there is nothing more daemonic than choosing between the lives of all and the love of one.

The Light is but one book in a twelve-book collection. Check them out here, and if you’re a fan of paranormal and speculative romantic fiction, add The Light to your collection today!

Monday Musings: The Case of the Formulaic Author

What exactly do I mean by formulaic? Well, I’m not referring to authors who only write one genre. I’m referring to the author whose nearly every book has the same underlying theme, whether it be alpha dudes who get tamed by the nerdy misfit or the rich mogul who meets his match in the feisty, I-don’t-need-you-but-you-gon-want-me woman.

And let me just say: I have absolutely nothing against this! I actually have a handful of faves whose specialty is writing a certain trope, and I look forward to each new release like a fiend geeking for rocks. But what I don’t like is the thinly veiled, recycled storylines where I can predict the outcome of the book less than fifty percent in.

From the plot right down to the love scenes are virtually identical to the previous books, and that’s where I blow my gasket! C’mon son! How you gon plagiarize yourself? I’m so serious when I say I have read books where the author details the sex between the couple using the same descriptors from all her previous stories.  I had to actually make sure I wasn’t reading the same story. When I come to a love scene now, I literally swipe straight through to the next scene. No bueno…

I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. Are you okay with repetition as long as the story is entertaining?

Flashback Friday: Angel’s Wrath by SK

This week’s flashback is the story one of my all-time favorite heroes: Angel LaCroix. He’s an asshole. He’s sexy af. He’s ruthless. He’s a gangster. He’s misunderstood. Not. What this dude is is the truth!

I remember when this book dropped back in 2012, there was all this drama about “Why this author infiltrating this series with this white boy?” Chile, bye. He only white on the outside, lol. Angel is a brotha-believe that. And not an “honorary” one. Don’t let outward appearances get you fucked up…

Anyway, although Angel’s Wrath is the fourth book in SK’s wildly popular Sin City series, it can be read as a standalone for all my IR fans. This green-eyed bandit takes no prisoners when it comes to his — his business, his family, his woman. He is alpha on acid, and this story just had me hooked from the first chapter.

Regardless of your “preferred” genre, this story is fire. I highly recommend it and the other stories in the series. There are seven altogether and worth the small investment.


New Release: Beautiful by Sylvia Hubbard

Creative Expressions Literary Services is pleased to announce Virtual Book Tour for Beautiful by Sylvia Hubbard. The tour will run July 23-August 6, 2017.

Publication Date: July 7, 2017
Genre: Romance and Suspense
Paperback: 324 pages
About the Author
Sylvia Hubbard knew she’d wanted to be a writer of romance long before she knew there were black writers in the world. Weaving stories magically as a summer past time to writing stories to get through the humdrum of school, she was able to create something from nothing.


Today, she has independently published over 40 books, is the founder of Motown Writers Network and The Michigan Literary Network, CEO of HubBooks Literary Services, runs over five blogs on a variety of subjects, host The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show and is a happily divorced mother of three children in Detroit, Michigan.

“I’m no superwoman,” she states with a smile that seems infinite on her lips. “I’m just being an asset in the world instead of a liability.”

About The Book
Madison wanted more than anything to be beautiful and meeting a tall, handsome stranger was the answer to her prayers. Yet, was meeting the stranger all a ploy to steal her valuable research? Or did he really love her? She must discover the truth, but will she survive or lose herself and everything she has worked for. Find the answers wrapped around suspense, drama, and romance in Beautiful, Author Sylvia Hubbard’s 40th Novel. Read chapters 1-5 of Beautiful for free
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Beautiful BookTrailer




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Monday Musings: Musings of a Newsletter Junkie

In this day of minimalism and decluttering your inbox, both of which I am huge advocates, I am not ashamed to admit two things:

  1. I love newsletters.
  2. I love getting emails. With newsletter updates.

As a blogger, I depend heavily on author’s newsletters to keep me in the know because I don’t always have the time to troll or engage in social media for updates. I think newsletters are one of an author’s greatest marketing tools that often go under the radar.

Newsletters not often keep us informed into what’s on the horizon as far as new releases, but it gives the reader a sense of exclusivity. I love being “in the know” before it becomes public knowledge. I love when an author shares a snippet of their WIP and tells us not to share or disclose. That’s exclusivity, baby!

So, I’m saying all this to say, getchu a newsletter and pimp it! And actually drop one at least once a month! Show us a side of yourselves that you may not want to share on the gram or the book of Face. I